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      Colleen Steele

      On Day 10 of “30 Days of PH”, Lisa Chapman shares the ups and downs of her PH journey and why she considers herself a PHighter. To start off with, she had to fight for a diagnosis. It took a lot of self-advocacy and 3 major hospitals to finally figure out that Lisa has PH.

      One of her most powerful quotes is, “If you’re unsure of what’s going on, don’t give up. Keep PHighting! Advocate hard for yourself and don’t accept the unknown, or doctors calling it “stress.”.

      She feels strongly about the need for awareness not just among the public but in the medical field as well. Lisa wants more doctors to become familiar with PH so they can save more lives.

      How hard did you have to fight to reach your PH diagnosis?

      It’s unfortunately all too common for PH patients to go long periods of time being misdiagnosed or worse, not being taken seriously. Did you have a similar experience as Lisa? Tell us about it and share other parts of her story that you related to.

      Pulmonary Hypertension News’ 30 Days of PH campaign is publishing one story per day from someone who has been affected by the disease for PH Awareness Month in November. Read the full series for more stories like this, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #30DaysofPH.

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      Jen Cueva

      What a true PHighter, Lisa is. I love that she shared about her strong faith and praising God for her blessings. She is grateful for each new day. This resonates with me as I start my day with a gratitude journal.

      Fortunately, I was diagnosed much quicker than Lisa. But I do agree with her. I hate that she had such a difficult time getting her diagnosis. But I love the fact that she did not give up! Advocating and awareness to not only the public but the healthcare providers is important.

      Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your incredible journey. We appreciate it, and we hear you. We wish you many more memories with your family.

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