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      Brittany Foster

      I have posted before about some GI troubles with slow motility. After my surgery I have been trying my best to improve my motility in my stomach (after not being able to eat for 5 months it has slowed down) and motility is slow in my new esophagus. This has created a lot of difficulty with acid reflux.

      I mostly find it helpful to move a bit after I eat something. When I sit down or stay stationary, it makes the reflux feeling worse. I feel like moving helps with digestion for me. It also has helped me if I am laying down at night to sleep with a few pillows to prop myself up and to try and lay on my left side instead of my right side. Laying on the left side can also help food digest into the stomach a little easier.

      For my reflux I am also taking omeprazole 40 mg 2x a day and Zantac 125 mg twice a day. I hope to one day get off of these medications, but I also don’t want to suffer through difficulty heartburn pain and chest pain.

      Do you experience reflux? What are some remedies that work for you? Are you on any prescriptions to help with this side effect? What causes your reflux or makes it worse?

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      Colleen Steele

      Oh Brittany, that darn reflux! Personally I’ve struggled with it too. I have to avoid certain foods and beverages before bedtime, for example chocolate, anything with a tomato base, onions and anything spicy. I actually find drinking water with the symptoms makes it worse. I just take tums in addition to my reflux meds and hope for the best when I’m having a bad night. My mom always swears by drinking milk to help the reflux, but when it’s the middle of the night I can’t always find the energy to go downstairs to pour a glass.

      For my son he has always been on Omeprazole and Zantac since his PH days and including post transplant. I can understand your wanting to get off of them but if it doesn’t happen just keep in mind, it’s helping to protect your sick lungs. Acid reflux is bad for them and for those who have had transplants, it can lead to rejection. He doesn’t seem to even be symptomatic with it anymore but he has to stay on them as a precaution.

      I’ve expressed concern to his doctors about him being on these medications for as long as he has. I’ve read articles about negative long term effects they can cause. It’s a vicious circle of help treat one symptom and risk causing another.

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        Brittany Foster

        You’re so right! It definitely is a vicious cycle. I have read so many negative things about the long term effects of staying on medication like that for acid reflux. I wish there was a more simple solution! And you’re so right for us with different lungs or with an increased risk of infection it’s always best to stay on the side of caution! Better to be safe than sorry. My lungs are so sensitive to any illness , I’m sure your son can relate to that and you have witnessed that firsthand.

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