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      Jen Cueva

      Well, it is that time of year, y’all. It is summertime here along the Texas Gulf Coast. Yes, I realize summer officially starts next week. But here in Texas, we are already breaking record highs for June.

      Nice- well, not so much.

      For those of us who struggle with fluid retention, this can make it that more challenging. Finding ways to balance extra fluid intake to stay hydrated and cool without gaining extra fluid is not an easy feat.

      I find that taking shelter indoors in the A/C during the hotter parts of the days work best for me. Although, I love the sunshine. My legs, feet, belly, and overall body does not when it is this hot.

      Sucking on ice cubes helps unless I eat the ice.

      Do you struggle with extra fluid more during the hotter months? If so, share your tips and experiences with us. Let’s talk about it.



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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I wouldn’t doubt this is a real problem for many. I know the heat was always hard on Cullen and I struggle with it too. My asthma and RA don’t react kindly to it. I swell a lot during the summer, especially in my fingers. Through most of the summer I’m rarely even able to wear my wedding ring.

      Cullen always like corn packs kept in the freezer to help fight the swellings, those and taking cool showers. And of course as you mentioned, staying well hydrated. Not much more I can think of that he could do.

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      Jen Cueva

      Yes, Colleen, I bet that with asthma and RA both, the heat is not your friend. Manny has asthma, so the heat and horrible humidity is something that he, too, struggles with.

      Oh, I did not realize that the corn packs you mentioned before for heat can also be frozen. Is that correct? If so, I may need to look on Etsy for one or two. Thanks for sharing that tip.

      Cool showers are great, too, to cool off.




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      Susi Steppins

      @jenc, I do struggle with water retention even when it isn’t hot.

      Each morning I wake up with normal sized ankles and as the day progresses I lose sight of them.

      I do find myself drinking more fluids but I also think I am sweating some of it out.

      It’s hard to keep cool.

      I am outside of Denver and it is breaking all sorts of records here today as well.

      Let’s hope for a cooler summer ahead.

      The only tips I really have is that I often take a small towel and wet it and will rub the cool wet towel over my face and neck and arms and that seems to help a lot, especially if I am sitting in front of the fan.

      We do have a/c and I feel very lucky about that.

      We used to live in Houston for a couple of years and the humidity is really something else there. I sympathize.

      , I know a couple of people that have asthma and understand it is difficult in the humidity and heat of the summer. I hope it isn’t too bad for you and for Cullen.


      Don’t forget there is always popsicles. 🙂

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi Susi,
        Yes, I heard that Denver had a heatwave, too. That is not the usual there, is it?

        Yes, the ankles and my belly swells, too, fast.

        I tend to drink more and have to be careful to balance my fluids more in the hotter months. Cool towels that is what Manny has around his neck now as he is doing yard work. He had asthma too, so I tried to have him do it later.

        The one he has he bought at Academy or Home Depot, and you can freeze them. They are called cooling towels. But he only has one left, and they have been harder to get. I need to check Amazon for him.

        The fans and the cool cloth are my jam. But I will look on Etsy for the corn sacks that Colleen mentions that you can hat or freeze. I only have ice packs and heat packs.

        Oh yeah, you know the Houston summers, then. My daughter is coming in tomorrow from Denver; she will be ready to get back fast. Stay cool –



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