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      Colleen Steele

      Transitioning from one PH treatment to another can have it’s challenges and concerns. Will there be side effects? Will it make me feel better or not help at all? How long will it take before I see results?

      If you are in the process or have recently switched treatments, share your experience with us. What were you taking and what are you taking now? Why did you change your treatment plan? What have the challenges been and what has worked well since switching?

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      Brittany Foster

      This isn’t really a treatment for PH that I’m going to talk about, but I know a lot of people with PH and chronic health conditions that take some type of anti anxiety med or anti depressant. I have been prescribed about 6 different kinds. All at the smallest dose possible and even THAT is cut in half and for some reason my body just really does NOT like any of them. A week or 2 after taking them I notice that I am way more tired than I have ever been and it feels like my body is just dragging. At this point I am usually told to get off of them. A challenge for me with taking any type of anti anxiety med is that my heart medication that I’m on just doesn’t mix well with it. I am on a higher dose of extended release metoprolol and the combo of these two can be a real issue for me. Also becaues metoprolol has anti anxiety effects too so it’s like a double whammy which is too much for my body to tolerate. I do need SOME of my nervous energy in order to function in my daily life.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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