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      Jen Cueva

        Happy December to you all. I hate to be the one to ask, but it’s here. Omnicron is the newest COVID variant first identified in South Africa.

        Of course, the news is confusing a bit. But as a fully vaccinated person with PH and other health issues, I am concerned. It may be my experience with COVID last year, but taking a few extra precautions.

        So, what are your thoughts about Omnicron? Are you fully vaccinated? Have you had your booster?

        We are in the holiday season now and are sure that this will cause some alarm and possibly a change of plans for some.

        Are you making any changes to your holiday plans? Let’s talk about this.

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        Carol Volckmann

          Jen, I fear that there will be more variants and this is our new reality. I think we have to be cautious making sure we are up to date with vaccinations and boosters.

          We already make sure we get our flu shots every year knowing it is hit and miss with which flu will be coming around this year. Not knowing for sure we still get our shot to help if we get the flu it won’t be as bad.

          The new reality probably be to make sure we are vaccinated against covid and variants.

          The biggest issue is education and stopping all the misinformation that is out there.

          Wishing everyone a very safe holiday season – please be cautious and enjoy your loved ones!

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          Jen Cueva

            Well said, @cdvol3gmail-com. You make some important points.

            We get the flu shot each year and have no clue which flu will spread. That is how we need to start thinking about COVID, too. That and education is key. There is so much mixed and misinformation going around.

            All we can do is educate ourselves, get vaccinated, and keep taking precautions. Thank you for putting things in a better perspective for us all, Carol. This certainly helps me relax a bit more. How about everyone else? Is anyone else concerned?

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            Darla McCollim

              I expect we will go though most of the Greek alphabet until we just put it with our annual flu vaccine. This virus loves to adapt and change and its not going anywhere.

              I have cancer, on chemo and have now 3/5 stage PAH. So my booster is in January, flu shot done. I mostly stay at home except medical appointments. I stay away from crowds, wear a mask and wash my hands. Same old stuff.  My last two medical appointments both docs held my hands and gave me a hug. It felt so wonderful to be touched again aside from immediate family.

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                Jen Cueva

                  Like you, I had not seen many others in a long time besides my immediate family. One of my neighbors would come over to my house, and we conversed across the driveway at times. Thankfully before we moved, I could spend her birthday with her and hug her again. So I can relate to that hug and human touch again, @darlarayne. Doesn’t it feel so good?

                  I agree with you and that, unfortunately, this COVID is staying around in some sort of another. I, too, am scheduled for my booster in January. I had my vaccine later than most because my PH team was holding off after my bout with COVID at the end of last year.

                  That’s all we can do, pray, take precautions and do what we are comfortable with. Several of my medical team members hugged me, too, on my last visit with them because I was relocating. That was strange at first because it was pre-COVID when they had done that. The strange was positive in this case.

                  I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

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                Roger Bliss

                  Had a Dr appointment with my UCSD oncologist. We had a conversation about it. So far this new variant seems to be mild. However it is so new, that nobody knows for sure what it’s going to do. He did say that none of his CLL patients who have caught COVID have died. He is a firm believer in Regeneron and told me to contact him if I ever test positive and he would get me in right away.

                  I am not scared/worried about Omnicron, but still take the normal COVID precautions. We are all just a heartbeat away from a stroke, hart attack, car wreck….you name it. If being worried would accomplish anything other than driving yourself nuts, I would probably do more. Don’t think anyone can totally eliminate it. It’s just human nature, but I try to keep it to a minimum……easier said than done.


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                  Jen Cueva

                    Good to hear that your oncologist thinks that Omnicron will be mild. I hope so, too. That’s great that he already has a plan if you were to test positive.

                    Well said, @wheeldog; I know that worry doesn’t do us any good. It’s tough on our already stressed bodies. Your points about a stroke, heart attack, etc., offer a better perspective. I will try and have this mindset.

                    Because Manny and I both contracted COVID at the end of last year, and I wasn’t expected to survive, I think I am a bit over precautions at times. I have had a cough and a little congestion for 2 days now, and Manny has allergies. Although these things seem small, I am careful not to carry this to anyone else.

                    This led to us not meeting you and Mary Ellen and canceled plans to meet a good friend in Orange County tomorrow. I would feel horrible if I made someone sick.

                    But thanks for your post. Between you, @cdvol3gmail-com, and @darlarayne, I can try and relax a tad bit more. Of course., we never let our guard down too much.

                    Enjoy your weekend, y’all, and keep safe.

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                      Roger Bliss

                        I hope you and Manny are feeling better now. Sorry we missed you.

                        We will be at the same campground as before. We will be free the evening of Jan 4th and again on Jan 26th. Hopefully, you guys will be around one of those nights.

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                          Jen Cueva

                            Thanks, @wheeldog; I am doing alright. Coughing is more at night and the morning, but my doctor has ordered prescription cough meds and a Z-pack if needed. I also have nebulizer (breathing) treatments when this happens. So, they have me well-stocked in case I need these medications.

                            Yes, hopefully, we can meet up in January. Is one of those dates your procedure date? Enjoy Arizona with your friends and downtime.

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                            Roger Bliss

                              No, not that day. We get at the RV park the day before my appointment. They are going to put the tube in Jan 5th. They are for sure going to give me some “happy juice” with that one, so I won’t be “with it” that night.

                              The same on the 26th, my appointment is the next day.

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                          Jen Cueva

                            Yay, for “happy juice” at @wheeldog for your procedure. I hope to feel better by then and that this Omnicron mess is not on our radars as much.

                            I’m happy that you will have this procedure quickly and have access to drain the fluid as needed. Although, I’m hoping that the excess fluid continues to lessen.

                            What are y’all up to in AZ? Anything fun or relaxing more with your life and friends?

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                            Sally Hoffman

                              Hi Jen,

                              I’ve read all the posts from everyone about Omricon and I agree.  I just want to say, even though we might feel a little envious when we hear our friends talk all about their plans, I can’t stress enough how careful we must be.  I was one of the first to be vaccinated and then bolstered. Had my booster in Sept. After my booster I felt really comfortable going out with friends again, etc.  But as the time has crept by I am becoming concerned about how long immunity lasts.  My allergies are a little worse, and little things keep occurring that remind me that I have a compromised immunity system.  I have developed eczema which I appear able to control, but each flare up is a reminder.  Yesterday I discovered a big blister on my hand.  (Where did that come from?  It doesn’t look healthy.    I don’t know what it is, but it is a reminder that I have to be more careful than others.  Things like this make me remember that I was very early to have Covid 19 (Didn’t even know I had it).  No one knows how much immunity each of us develops with a vaccination or booster, and no one knows how long that immunity lasts.  So everybody, be careful.  Have a healthy and happy holiday season, and a much healthier and happier New Year.


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                              Jen Cueva

                                Oh no, @mainegal, I’m sorry to hear of your flare-up with eczema. I hope this resolves for you soon.

                                You make some important points. Like you, I felt safer and was going out a little more; then, this new variant popped up. It’s challenging to balance staying precautious without letting this control our lives.

                                Immunity is different for everyone, so this is another critical point. I heard several PHriends yesterday being tested for antibodies. My PH team had me do that while waiting to be vaccinated since I had COVID so late and had a bad case. I believe I had that test once after as another doctor requested it later.

                                Have you or anyone else been tested for antibodies?

                                Happy holidays to you, too, Sally. Stay safe. Our health and safety is top priority.

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                                Jen Cueva

                                  Hi @mainegal, I am checking in to see how you and Roger are feeling. Were you tested for COVID? I hope and pray that this was not the case for you both.

                                  , here is a post that I had started about Omnicron. I know that you shared a post-update rather than in a topic, so I will share that below. Also, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble navigating the site.

                                  On the right-hand side of your screen, you should see a highlighted area. Just under the Hi @sandy2gmail, you should see a search box. You can enter words there to search for a topic. But also if you look under that search box, it says who’s online. When you click on your pic and name, it should take you to your screen. It shows your activity, responses, posts, etc. Scroll down and find the post that you are referring to. I hope that this will help you. We want to make this as simple to navigate for you as we can. Never hesitate to reach out to me or Colleen if you need more help.

                                  Here is your update- Stay safe, my PHriend.
                                  “Hi well found myself and remembered how much trouble I had finding my way here
                                  Not much changed as I posted about the Covid variant because I can’t find my post. So if anyone answered I wouldn’t know. I guess this is a chance to talk even if I never find an answer!????. I am curious everyone is taking about Delta variant, but Delta is a variant of Covid 19. The latest extremely contagious variant is Omicron
                                  Now there is another out of Africa it has spread to Paris so far. We have little information on that one yet. All the Covid variants are given letters of the Greek alphabet because calling them the China variety then the Indian variety(which is Delta) could create predjudice. I don’t care which country it starts in I don’t want it. We have very high vaccination rates here and have just started doing kids and pushing 3rd booster shots. I got my 3rd shot early because of my illness. Australia was very late to start vaccinating because the government mucked up supply. I am sorry that America has such a strong divide over vaccination
                                  That must be very very hard. I only know one person who is antivax. I worry about her
                                  I’d have 4 shots if I could. Way back before my PAH diagnosis and I just had bad lungs my doctor told me Covid could probably kill me. The Omicron variant does not go straight to the lungs so all please take comfort. It is much milder though more contagious and nearly all the people in intensive care are not fully vaccinated. Everyone here seems very brave. My PAH is fairly mild I am taking Tadalafill and Abrisentin and Spireva respiratory for COPD and Tramadol and Lyrica for PHN. I call myself alphabet soup!! A professor in Sydney told me to take Co QTen. so I do plus other anti oxidants and I try to eat 6 different vegetables emery day and berries. I hav started swimming a bit and going for walks

                                  They wanted me to have oxygen because my 6 minute walks were awful. I kept refusing then they discovered I was very anemic
                                  After an iron infusion I have Moore than doubled the distance but I still can’t keep up with healthy people. I had a cardiologist who thought I should be satisfied because I’m 80
                                  I have found another who has promised to treat me as an individual not an 80 yr old. Anybody who reads all this thank you m”

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                                  Sally Hoffman

                                    Hi, Everybody who is taking Uptravi, I have a question for you.  Are you having any issues with your hair?  For the last twenty years, I have had almost pure white hair. The only dark hair I had left was right at my neck line.  About a year ago I mentioned to my doctor that some hair was growing in black.  He looked and said that’s interesting. I asked if it could be from anything I was taking.

                                    Jump ahead a year and the hair around the face is still white, but the whole rest of my head is gray.  I spent some time figuring out when it began and realized it has been happening since I started Uptravi.

                                    Is anybody else having something like this?

                                    By the way, so far we are fine.  My grandson tested positive the day after his booster.

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                                      Carol Volckmann

                                        Hi Sally,  I am not on Uptravi, but I do know medications can do a number on your hair and nails. It can change the color, make it thinner,  course, curly or straight and slow hair growth. My hair is doing all sorts of weird things and.

                                        I hope you like your change and are getting lots of compliments ????.


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                                        Jen Cueva

                                          Hi @mainegal, I’m on Uptravi and have been for years. As @cdvol3gmail-com said, many treatments can affect our hair, skin, and nails. My experience has been that my hair falls out. It is all over my bathroom counter and floors. It’s to the extent that I start to wonder how the heck I have any left on my head.

                                          I haven’t noticed a change in color, but often my hair has a body to it when it has always been straight as a board. I credit that to medications. Uptravi could be the culprit.

                                          Because you traced this back to around the time you started Uptravi, I would think most likely it is a side effect. Do you prefer black or gray? Gray is on-trend; it seems people ate paying for gray hair. So, it looks like you are one trendy gal, hehe.

                                          BTW, I hope that your grandson has a light case and is doing well.

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                                        Sally Hoffman

                                          Thanks Jen for all the good wishes.  I really like the white the best, but if the front still stays white, the grey in the back is nice.  But I don’t want the black back again.  After all these years I would look like I died it.  I guess I’m being silly. There are important things in this world we could worry about.

                                          Stay safe.

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                                          Jen Cueva

                                            Hehe, @mainegal. I, too, am one to worry about my hair. If my hair looks good, I feel like I feel a bit better. Or at least look like I feel better- right?

                                            I can understand why you prefer gray and white over dark black at your young age. Hopefully, it stays this way, so you aren’t self-conscious about it.

                                            Take care and stay safe, my PHriend. – Big hugs coming your way to FL.

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