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      I am wondering if anyone knows why there’s only research for balloning angioplasties for people with clotting and not just regular PH? I have had several angioplasties and just found out I need another one to try and widen my pulmonary arteries. My doctor hates doing them due to tearing risk (which has happened). I went to research outcomes of success with angioplasty and there’s nothing separate from the clotting issue.

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      Brittany Foster

      Hi Libby,
      My guess would be that there probably isn’t enough research in this area. If you are having good outcomes with the ballooning and this is a treatment/procedure that they are doing to try and help your PH then maybe talk with your doctors about writing up a case study about it to get something out there in the literature. I have a few rare diseases and rare complications of my conditions that have been written up in research papers and case study reports and even though I hate being the “guinea pig”, I don’t look at it that way. This could be your way of paving some new treatments and procedures for those with PH, especially if it is helpful for you and you see some type of benefit from it.

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