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      Colleen Steele

      Once you receive a transplant you can no longer take ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medications. They are harmful to the kidney’s when on anti-rejection medications. Tylenol in moderation is allowed but when you are in serious pain, it isn’t as effective as ibuprofen would be.

      When my son is in pain and Tylenol isn’t helping he finds heating pads and/or corn bags heated in the microwave, helpful. If you have received a transplant, how do you battle pain now that you can no longer take ibuprofen? For those on the waiting list, how do you deal with pain now that you think will be helpful to you after transplant?

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      Brittany Foster

      Hi Colleen,
      I also try my best to manage the pain more naturally. I use things like heating pads. The therma care brand works really well and it lasts for up to 8 hours. If I have pain overnight especially in my stomach area I just keep it on. If it’s too hot I can always wear a thin layer of clothing underneath it. Something else that has helped my pain is CBD oil (in a larger dose) that is also mixed with THC. If I am going to use edibles or THC gummies I only get the 5mg strength and just bite it in half. It is just enough to take the edge of the pain without the “high feeling” . Is this something that your state approves or have you talked with his medical team about this option for pain management? Doing things like getting a massage, accupuncture, reflexology and other holistic treatments have also helped me.

      For the intense pain that can’t be controlled with this, I am presecribed narcotics in a low dose (usually 5 mg of percocet) I know that has a small amount of tylenol in it too though so I’m not sure if he can take that.

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      Jen Cueva

      Post-transplant comes with its own set of restrictions to familiarize yourself with.

      I use heat pads for pain and soak in the hot bath at times. I know the hot soaks help with some of my leg pain.

      Due to my kidney disease, I am unable to take ibuprofen and other NSAIDS as well.

      I do have a low dose narcotic for pain when the Tylenol is not helping.

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