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    Hi all,

    I’ve been going through some heart(?) issues lately [jaw pain (similar to the way your jaws feel when you’re about to throw up), burping when walking, throat tightness (a feeling of a lump in the throat), stomach pain, hoarse voice], and after an echo, my doctor had diagnosed me with PH and scheduled a stress test to confirm the diagnosis. In the week or so in between that initial diagnosis and the stress test I came to this forum and tried to cope with the realities of having PH. A week or so later, When the stress test was completed, it revealed pulmonary pressure of 17, which dis-confirmed the initial diagnosis of PH. During that week in between, this forum was a constant source of comfort; seeing other people that were able to connect to one another helped with the feeling of isolation. While I still don’t have a diagnosis for my condition, after learning more about PH, I wanted to either donate to a charity to help cure PH Thanks so much in advance for your help, and god bless you all.

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     V.R. Peterson 

    I donate through PH Association, both by sending donations directly to them and by having them listed at my smile donation on (starting my purchase from makes sure they get a portion of my purchases). They don’t get much from my purchases from Amazon, but every little bit adds up.

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       Colleen Steele 

      @mamabear007 yes, we use the smile donation on Amazon for PH too! I wouldn’t have thought to mention that. Good catch!

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         V.R. Peterson 

        There are also charities that help with medical expenses or medications, but their names elude me.

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