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      Cris Dingman

      There is a family in town that has two small children with rare disorders, and they were asking for potential blood donors. Apparently, one can donate by giving similarly to a blood or plasma donation, not drilling a hole in ones hip, like a bone marrow donor. Which brings up my question, is there any reason PH patients would be disqualified to be blood/plasma donor? I’ll ask my doc on Monday, just asking the group here.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi Cris,
      I old certainly suggest that you wait and ask your doctors. I say this because it depends. We all have different coexisting illnesses, etc. I know that for me, with my anemia and other illnesses I cannot donate blood. I also know that some heart patients cannot give blood. This can be a tricky question, sorry I am not more helpful. I applaud you for wanting to help this family.

      Once you talk to your doctor, let us know.

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      Colleen Steele

      That is a really good question. I have the same response as Jen – check with your doctor first. Just like Jen my son could not donate because of co-existing conditions but some PH patients might be able to. It’s probably something your doctor can answer over the phone. Let us know what you are told.

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      Brittany Foster

      Really good topic,
      Like everyone is saying I think it depends on the individual person. I know that there are certain things like weight, blood levels (specifically if you are slightly anemic or anemic) and other levels that may need to get checked before thinking about donating blood even if your doctors think you can do it. I have given blood once when I was in high school during a blood drive. With my heart conditions I really shouldn’t have done it and I ended up passed out and in the back of an ambulance getting fluids for the rest of the school day. Got me out of classes, but definitely not worth the anxiety of passing out! But it is SUCH A GOOD THING TO DO if you are able to!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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