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      Keith Hart


      My wife was recently diagnosed with NSIP brought on by Rheumatoid Arthritis and has been sent home with (among other medication) with a prescription for 15-20 hours per day of 2 ltrs per minute of oxygen. This is delivered by two machines, one upstairs for night time and one downstairs for daytime  (Invacare Perfecto2), one of which has the attached compressor for filling a couple of portable bottles. The machines deliver continuous and the bottles pulse.

      I found that the provider for SNHS, DolbyVisiol, can provide a portable machine for going away on holiday. However, you need to book weeks in advance and are reliant on them having sufficient machines in stock for the dates you require. I found that one of the portable machines they supply is the Eclipse5.

      In order to ensure our independence and spontaneity I have ordered and paid for one of these machines (they are currently out of stock but the first one they get in is ours).

      My wife and I are determined to carry on life as normally as possible and to make the most of life by continuing our adventures. We are what you may call ‘extreme caravanners’. We were in Morocco with our caravan when Covid-19 struck as a part of our annual ‘winter in the sun’ trip. We returned to Portugal for what should have been the rest of the winter when Europe closed down and we were forced at very short notice back to the UK. See ‘Inverness to Marrakesh’ (Amazon).

      Anyway, in November she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and just a couple of weeks later was in hospital on oxygen! She is now back home and we are getting to grips with our new daily routine.

      We intend to resume our caravanning (in the UK to start with) when the Covid-19 situation allows. Then in 2023 or at the end of 2022 we will look to resuming out winter travels in Europe and perhaps even Morocco again.

      This is why we are purchasing the Eclipse5, which I believe will do the job as it operates on 12 v, battery and mains and can deliver pulse or continuous oxygen. We can travel with it on in the car, hook up to mains on a caravan site and use the battery when out and about. The Eclipse5 operates on 110v to 240 v so should cope with the vagaries of voltage drop in Morocco or Europe (or even the UK).

      This year we plan to explore the UK and gain experience of using the Eclipse5.

      I would love to get in touch with anyone who currently uses this machine or one similar who goes caravanning to swap tips and advice.

      So, anyone out there who caravans or who can put us in touch with someone who does?

      Thanks in advance.


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      Rickie Daniels

      I have the Eclipse 5, you know you can purchase this directly from Caire Industries??  Now I have a 2012 Equinox (chevy mid size suv).  I had to have it wired to support the Eclipse 5.  I don’t know the particulars to explain that exactly.  The usual cigarette lighter plug system was insufficient.  Needed more.  Cost me about $135 to put in a special plug system.  I don’t do the travel that you do — suggest you have plenty of extra batteries on hand.  I’m in the states so I can’t address your situation completely.  You can look up the owner’s manual and it will explain the requirements on the car electrical system for you.

      Good Luck,


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      Keith Hart

      Hello Rickie

      Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, it is good to know that there are others who use the Eclipse5 when traveling.

      We recently (2021) purchased a Ssangyong Rexton specifically for towing our caravan and it does not have a cigarette lighter, but it does have a couple of 12v power outlets, which I assume will be okay for the Eclipse5 as in the specifications for the machine they state it has a 12v adapter for using in vehicles. I will however download the Eclipse5 manual (PDF) and check what it says, thanks.


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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks, @indihomaaol-com, for sharing your experience with your Sequal Eclipse. I know that Keith will appreciate that info.

      Hi @blackhart, I use an Inogen portable concentrator (POC). I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it’s great to charge my POC when we are driving. I don’t do long caravanning as you plan to do. But Rickie’s tip for extra batteries is an excellent one. I would say carry backup tubing and cannulas, too.

      In October, my hubby and I rented a truck and moved across the country. We towed my Jeep. That moving truck didn’t have adequate sources to charge my POC. But my hubby purchased a converter on Amazan that worked, and we traveled with it for several days. I didn’t need to buy anything extra to use my plugin, my Jeep.

      I have previously used an older Sequal Eclipse when traveling by plane and on vacation. That was over 8 years ago, but it also worked well in rental cars and flying. It was much bulkier back then.

      How are things where you are now? Are you on lockdown? I look forward to hearing about your caravanning once you can get back out there on the road.

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      Keith Hart


      Thanks for that. I have checked the Rexton manual and also I downloaded the Eclipse5 manual.

      The Rexton 12 v power outlet runs 12v/10 amp at 120w.

      The Eclipse5 manual states that it needs 12v/150w. I will call the supplier tomorrow and check regarding this. The website states: ‘Comes with DC power supply for use in a car’. I suppose that it depends on the particular vehicle, but best to ask the question of the supplier. I will report back when I get a reply.

      However, my car has a 230 v dc/ac inverter socket, so the Eclipse5 could also be run from that if needed.

      We are not in lock-down, but here in Scotland we do have some restrictions, such as wearing masks in public places (shops etc.). The latest variant of Covid-19 (Omicron) is showing signs of slowing down and it has certainly proven to induce a milder version of the illness with less hospitalisation and deaths. My wife and I are being ultra careful and are not mixing with people. We live in a beautiful part of the Northern Scottish Highlands with a beach at the bottom of our garden and fields and mountains behind us, so we are spoilt for choice for runs out in the car and walks (albeit much shorter at the moment due to my wife’s condition).

      When the Eclipse5 arrives and Covid-19 has died down a bit we will be away in the caravan again.

      If you are interested in our last caravan adventure, our 5,700 mile journey from the Scottish Highlands to Marrakesh (Morocco) my book ‘The Road to Morocco – Inverness to Marrakesh with our Caravan’ is available on Amazon as an e-book. However I’m happy to email you a PDF copy FOC by way of thanks for your help.

      The moderators would have to advise re swapping email addresses so I could do this.

      Thanks Again

      Keith Hart

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @blackhart, oh, the Scottish Highlands sounds so picturesque by reading your location. Being spoiled in a beautiful place surrounding you while trying to limit contact with others helps, right?

        In October, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my hubby and I relocated from Texas to San Diego, California. We usually drive to the beaches every weekend if not sooner. We are about 12 miles to the nearest beach within 30 minutes of many others. I’m in awe at the beach, mountains, and desert that we are near.

        Coming from an area in Texas that was flat, I’m in awe daily. We aren’t within walking distance but can see the mountains as we drive down our street to go anywhere. We both enjoy scenic drives and rides on our bikes when we can. I have an e-bike that helps me enjoy bike rides.

        Is this the correct Amazon link to your book? Congrats on such an accomplishment. We have a few other members who have written books.

        If you send me an email with the PDF, I can see if I can share it since I am one of the moderators. My email is [email protected]. LMK if you have any questions, and thanks again for sharing.

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      Debbie Moore

      I had a special plug system put in my car to support the braking system when towing my car with my motorhome.  Just recently I had to replace the car battery and was told cars today take quite a bit of voltage with all the bells and whistles they support.  I recharge my battery for my Inogen when driving around.  In the motorhome I use my big machine that I use at home.  I guess what I’m saying is be aware of the toll on your car battery if that is what you are relying on to run your Eclipse5.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hey @debbie, how are you doing? How’s pulmonary rehab going and your exercising? Manny maybe, but he never mentioned that, so I’ll share it with him, too. I wasn’t aware of the battery when using my Inogen in my Jeep. That’s an essential tip that those using our POCs and charging in our vehicles need to keep in mind.

        How’s your concentrator do in the motorhome? That shouldn’t be an issue, correct? Ir was ready to plug in and go once you found the best place to set it up, I would think. Were there any updates or things you needed with that big concentrator? Do you use the home fill system?

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      Keith Hart

      Indeed Debbie

      Cars are electronically extremely complex nowadays. I remember when you could take out the rotor arm, rub it on the pavement, pop it back in the distributor and away you went!

      I need to decide whether to get an auto electrician to fit a 150w socket and fuse or just use the inverter.

      I’ll see how it goes before I get a new socket fitted.



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      Keith Hart

      Hello Jen

      Yes that is the correct Amazon link.

      PDF sent.


      Keith Hart

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      Jen Cueva

      I wanted to write a quick update about Keith’s book about caravanning. I was hoping to share it in my post, but I didn’t want to mess up his formatting. Go ahead and message home so he can send you the free PDF to download and read at your leisure.,

      It’s also available on Amazon, as I shared the link above.

      Thanks for sharing this, Keith. Happy reading to all who are interested. I’m looking forward to perusing his book at my leisure.

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