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      Colleen Steele

      Not funny then but maybe funny now…what has been your most embarrassing medical moment?

      My son was going through a rough patch post transplant including a Cancer scare. The psychologist insisted on talking to him when he really wanted time alone to think. I was in the hallway when I suddenly hear him yelling, “Get out…just get out!” The psychologist quickly waddled out of his room towards me. Yes, waddled, because she was VERY pregnant. She could see my embarrassment and assured me that she was use to dealing with upset patients. But when she told me she would try again later I actually begged, “Please don’t!”

      I swear my son is not normally disrespectful and he did apologize to her on a better day. This might sound awful but the memory of that poor woman quickly waddling out of his room makes me laugh. It honestly looked like something you would see in a sit-com.

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      Jen Cueva

      Too funny @colleensteele, I pictured a huge moma duck waddling across the room- hehe. I also am more like Cullen. But, often it seems at the hospital on my worse days, I have done some interesting things.

      When I was confused more than not one ICU trip, I was told that I was acting like I was at Karaoke and singing for everyone and loudly-hehe. I could not believe this afterward, and I was so embarrassed. My family said that I sat up and told everyone to get ready and was even taking requests. My BF was at my bedside from Dallas, and they continue to remind me of this.

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      Colleen Steele

      OMG @jenc that is hysterical! It reminds me of Cullen’s first heart cath when he was 8. They gave him a kazoo to practice his breathing. He was loopy as they wheeled him to the ER and all through the halls he was playing Jingle Bells on the kazoo. His team and everyone we passed were cracking up.

      As an adult though…maybe a little more embarrassing, but what a great story. Sorry, but that is really funny.

      As you know, Cullen is a good guy and always has been. Nurses and doctors always loved him because he was kind and respectful, so that story I shared was very out of character for him. He was also on pain medication at the time and really not himself. I remember calling my husband that night and telling him about and surprised myself with laughter. When I pictured that poor woman after the fact I couldn’t help but laugh.

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      Jen Cueva

      OMG @colleensteele that is so funny. We have to laugh at these embarrassing events. I will think of Cullen every time that I now hear Jingle Bells.

      The karaoke was so out of my character as I am usually the quiet patient who tried not to bother the staff. My hubby laughed when I reminded him of this on Friday.

      Anyone else care to share some embarrassing medical moments? Working in nursing, I had a ton of embarrassing stories from patients. So, I bet everyone has at least one story-hehe.

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