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      Jen Cueva

      Often even before COVID, the colder months mean many who live alone do not see anyone for days. Depression often sets in. Many hibernate in their homes. This winter is more difficult because of COVID and how long many have been in lockdown.

      This is why we want to check in on all of our members. I am only tagging some here, so feel free to add others or yourself. How are you doing? How can we best support you?

      @shannon4jk, @carol-alexander, @texas2018, @alfredjohn, @stephanie, @robo2677, @vanessavaile, @nancy-mcsweeney, @libby, @teddy, and @mainegal.

      Please just let us know that you are safe with a quick update.

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      Gosh, I did respond back to this but I don’t see it? So I hope I am not repeating this same message? But anyway… How are you feeling Jen? I am doing well. I have been working on my diamond puzzles and waiting for my grandson. I have several appointments next week at Temple in Philly. This will be my first time in Philly. So I plan on treating myself to a cheesesteak! Lol I am a little scared of the long trip but I hope it all goes well. And I don’t get depressed. I have good and bad days of course. I am never alone. I have 5 kids and only one son has his own apartment. Sometimes I wish for alone time. Lol but I love a big family even if it’s nuts sometimes. I hope all is well! Thanks for thinking of me.

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        Colleen Steele

        Hi @shannon4jk! I was happy to see you when I got on-line and was hoping for an update. I grew up in South Jersey, right over the bridge from Philly. My dad was born and raised in Philly. Let me tell you, my tummy started rumbling when you mentioned Philly cheesesteaks. They are soooo good!

        I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers next week. I’m anxious to hear what your experience is at Temple. My parents still live in NJ and I have recently considered moving my family back there so I can help them. Number 1 concern about that is medical care for Cullen. I’ve been told Temple would be an excellent option.

        It’s good to hear that for the most part, you are feeling well emotionally. I understand the struggle and want to remind you that we are always here anytime you need to vent. Not having time alone can be challenging. Have you found any tricks to finding some peace and quiet, maybe ear plugs and a room to yourself?

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @shannon4jk, I was happy to see you respond. Last I recall, you were awaiting that grandson. Isn’t he due soon? I have many friends who love that diamond painting. I am so not creative and color outside the lines, lol.

        I hope and pray that your appointments next week go well. We will be thinking and praying for you.

        OMG, I am sipping my hot cocoa with a warm cozy fire. I have not had much of an appetite, but the cheesesteak sounds so good. You deserve a splurge; please think of me here in Texas as you enjoy it, LOL.

        You crack me up about the big family. I am sure that it can be nuts, but so much love in your home, too.

        I am getting there, thanks for asking. I have not been as active and also usually off resting in the afternoons.

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      I’m glad I found this topic because I probably posted in the wrong place earlier. That is when I mentioned feeling a bit alone, lonely, etc.

      I am in the process of becoming a support group leader for virtual meetings. That is exciting. I feel a bit stuck as to what direction or what the next step is. I did view some training sessions on the website. There are still some left to finish up though.

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        Colleen Steele

        @kristine we are not strict about what people post where. Sometimes Jen and I will re-share in another forum by starting a similar topic to help people locate certain concerns.

        Would you like to share who you are becoming a support group leader with? Is it specific to PH? If it is you can share more information about it.

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      The support group leader is for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. I’ve been a little bit nervous. I received an e-mail from a gal, and from my understanding she is going to be of great assistance since I am brand new to support leadership. As I sit here this early a.m. I have come to realize that the timing for this step is at a good time in relation to where I am mentally. A case where my attention can be diverted to something positive.

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        Colleen Steele

        @kristine that is an excellent way to think about this opportunity. You will do great! Many years ago I believe it was through PHA that I helped with a support group a few times, but by phone, not virtual. You have experience, compassion and knowledge. And PH is an on-going learning process. You won’t know everything and that is ok. What people appreciate more than anything is emotional understanding.

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      Alfred Gronroos

      Hi from AZ. Sorry about no ramblings but I am here to share another long rambling. I was dying of thirst four weeks ago. I could not get enuf water, or juice, or liquids in me. Of course what went in had to find an escape route. three times a nite. Thirsty and dry mouth. I contacted my team at Veterans Hosp and convinced the doctor somethin is wrong and he put me in for blood work. Becuz of Covid I had to wait from Monday till Friday at eight thirty AM. Wife drove me and had the blood work done. I have been getting shoots for my back pain and they started to work. I was feeling pretty good cept still thirsty. About two thirty I received a phone call and it was VA and they told me I should go to ER right away. My blood work was abnormal. So we finished eating and headed to the hospital. My blood sugar was 575 – A1c 14. Guess I was close to a diabetic coma and death. I ended up three nites in Hospital trying to get blood under control. Right now is another learning process for me, and the wife, never ends. I have been getting it into the 100s now, and really feeling good – no back ache but not to busy working cept on foods to eat. and jigsaw puzzles. I have actually slept whole nites without leaving bed. And using my new electric blanket to keep my legs warm. Almost heaven. Told my wife it is my turn to take care of me. Probably won’t last long but I am trying.
      Jen thanks for caring. I really appreciate it. And everyone here on this forum. Great people. Thanks for all the sharing, caring etc. Nice to know we are not alone in these life’s struggles.
      Enuf rambling for today. Be safe. Oh I got my first Covid immunization. Al Gronroos

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      Sally Hoffman

      Hi Sorry for not keeping up. I have been feeling a little sorry for myself lately. It has felt like every time I get one thing under control another acts up. Ever since I had the stent placed in my renal artery I’ve had to taKE Plavix. Should’ve been no problem, but I had the side effect of itching. Finally after five months I couldn’t stand it anymore. Doctor switched me to Brilinta. Two days no itching!! They it started again. Then I remembered doctor said to take 81 mg aspirin with the Brilinta. I have taken it for 2 days and no itching. Have my fingers crossed. I am like the Princess and the Pea. In December I was having irregular heart beats. My potassium was low normal so my kidney doc put me on Potassium. Within 2 weeks it made my calcium go way up!! There is a fine balance between all these minerals. High calcium is really bad!! Went off the potassium and the irregular heart beats came back. Decided to try going natural. I am now having one glass of orange juice a day. Heart beat perfect. Go know. Thank you for caring. It helps.

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