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      I’ve recently moved into the mountains, at 3300 ft elevation, which has been a dream come true for me. However I over did it chopping firewood the other day in 20 degree weather and my chest has hurt so bad!! I’ve had that before where it just lasted an hour or two but today it’s been 24 hrs and still feeling some pain and heart palpitations. My lungs filled with phlegm and I was weazing and coughing a lot yesterday. Now I mostly just feel exhausted and body aches like I had the flu. This is what happens from 3 hours of hard work in the cold!

      Anyone else have cold air sensitivity? What’s with the phlegm in my lungs?

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      Colleen Steele

      @libby cold air irritated my son’s PH as much as high humidity did. You added physical activity to the mix which probably irritated your lungs more. My concern for you is that you might not have realized how cold you were because of the heat you might have generated while chopping firewood. In case that fluctuation in body temp has triggered a cold or infection, I would call your doctor if you haven’t already. The higher elevation might also add to your symptoms.

      Rest, call your doctor and update us when you feel up to it. I will be worried about you.

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      Alfred Gronroos

      Hi from sunny cooler Arizona. Libby the cold air hurts my lungs more after getting my COPD. I lived in Minnesota brrr, fifty years and experienced very cold temps. At times we had to breath thru scarves etc. Then I lived at 8700’in the Rockies. There again the cold did effect me at times when I exerted myself. And now it can effect me any time. Libby, Three hours of chopping wood is awesome. I am assuming you over did it. Get rest – call your doctor if possible. Keep warm. Enjoy your fire with that hard earned wood. Best wishes. Al

Viewing 2 reply threads
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