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      Jen Cueva

      Vicki, an awesome columnist for pulmonary fibrosis, writes an excellent column about the controversial conversations surrounding COVID.

      When I read her, column, I knew that many of us here could relate all too well.

      For me, these COVID-related conflicts with loved ones have caused intense anxiety, frustrations, and hurt. Often, I grow tired of explaining, so I give up. What about you?

      But Vicki has found a way to talk about that hurt and frustration bravely while explaining why her opinion matters.

      Have you had these controversial conversations with your friends or loved ones? If so, how did this make you feel? What tips can you share that may help others approach these tough conversations?

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      Roger Bliss

      Interesting about “Controversial Conversations”. First thing I do if figure out how strongly a person feels about their point of view. Then I try and determine if bringing up the conversation is likely to change their mind. If it is likely that no matter how many facts I present….I am not gonna change their mind…..then why bother? It’s kinda like beating your head against the wall… only feels good when you stop.

      Here is a good example…..the shop that works on my truck is excellent. Whenever I have a problem they jump right on it and get me going, even when they are busy. I appreciate their dedication to me. The owner is anti masking and has a large sign at the entrance…..”NO Masks Allowed In the Shop”. I gave him a gift certificate for him and his employees at a local restaurant last Christmas. He asked if they had mask requirements and I said I don’t know, but they do takeout if you don’t want to go in. That made him happy. I would have to be out of my mind to try and convince him to wear a mask and get vaccinated and risk him getting mad at me. It’s just not worth it.



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        Jen Cueva

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this controversial topic, @wheeldog. I agree, some people, it is not worth our time or energy. As you mention, it’s like banging your head against a wall.

        Your example of the shop and shop owner sounds like many here in Texas. When we had mask mandates, so many refused to wear them.

        With this shop, it sounds like you have a mutual friendship, and in that case, I can understand why you would agree to disagree but respect his opinions. I had to laugh at his question if masks are required at the restaurant. Your answer of take-out sounds like the best solution for him.

        I appreciate your thoughts on many topics. It sounds like you have learned through the years some important lessons that I find interesting but true and are great tips and reminders to us all.

        I often find that agreeing to disagree is the best option. I have no extra energy to start any conflicts, etc., so I try to keep the peace in most situations. If it is something that I feel strongly about, it depends on how well I know that person.

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      Aunt Lizzie

      Hi Everyone,  I reckon if you have someone who cannot get it through their thick head how dangerous this virus is, they should watch the 2011 movie – Contagion.  I remember seeing it in 2012 and then 8 years later BANG – it’s happened.  It is very realistic and shows how easy it is to get sick and die.  Wearing a mask is so easy – why wouldn’t everyone do it?  I have friends who are anti-vaxers but no amount of rational discussion will move them.  But if you survive a bout of COVID you may be unlucky enough to suffer from Long Covid – not something we would wish on anyone.  Stay Safe.  Air kisses to all.

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        Jen Cueva

        Well said @auntlizzie, my husband and I watched Contagion again last year. It was so on point.

        I know that my post-COVID symptoms are still lingering. This is actually what my next column is about. I would certainly not wish that on anyone. As you mention, wearing a mask is simple.

        Here in Texas, I hear people say they can’t breathe with a mask. I want to tell them how it feels with PH under that mask. Then how it feels after COVID with my breathing.

        As you mention, it is no use trying to persuade those who have their formed opinions. We can educate, and that is what I choose to do depending on how well I know someone.

        Have you had any of these controversial conversations in your area? Or do you hear that from others in general?

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          Aunt Lizzie

          Hi Jen,  Yes, here in Australia we’ve had a couple of small businesses that are anti-mask wearing and have signs No Masks within the shop.  Locals dobbed them in and the Police fined them some thousands, and of course they protested loudly.  AND they continued to flout the law – and got fined again.  We’ve had several street demonstrations about various restrictions and a number of people were fined. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a dog’s breakfast in the way authorities are informing people of their rights and obligations so that has not helped. I’m getting my car serviced next week and it is at a workshop that is only just inside my 5km radius that I have to keep in for now, so I have to make sure I go for a walk east and not west while I’m waiting – I must remember that….LOL

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