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      Sharon Hellman

      My respiratory therapists agree I do better on portable continuous Oxygen tanks rather. Than pulsed (i.e. Inogen). Due to insurance I can only have one. I want to try carrying around a size D tank before I give up or pay For the Inogen myself. Has anyone else made this decision? Would love to hear about using D size cylinder with a backpack. I am currently using 3litres

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @sharon7651, great question. I am NOT on continuous oxygen. But I do have an Inpogen and also have smaller portable tanks that I carry in my backpack. I am on 3-4 liters. I use a conserved on my M tank that is in my backpack. With that in it, it only allows me about 2 hours of use. The D tanks are larger, and because your RT said you would do better on continuous versus pulse, the D tanks would probably last at max 2 hours. Have you tried to see how long one lasts?

      I know that several here have also mentioned that they do better on the tanks versus the Inogen. I would certainly do more research and see what works for you before shelling that money out. Is there a way you can rent an Inogen from your O2 supplier for a few days to see if it may work? I would suggest that. I rented a portable oxygen machine from my O2 supplier to travel when I tried it out.

      The Inogen is a little lighter to tote with me than my small M tanks, but the D tanks will be a tad heavier than the Inogen. Let me know if this helps, and also, some others should chime in about their experiences.

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      Linda Brandt

      Hi, Jen, This is Linda Brandt and I have used tanks but I now have an Inogen G4, which I prefer over tanks. I can count on it providing O2. I was put on oxygen on December 1, 2017 after enduring that blood test from hades when in the hospital with suspected Bradycardia. I suspected it after monitoring my heart rate with my oximeter. While there, they did a Cat Scan and found a blood clot somewhere, and after reading the results of that, put me on Xyrelto. (pricey!).

      how I got on O2? Somehow, oh yes, the ABG test. They found that I had low blood oxygen level, so here came a medium-size tank into my room and I was introduced to a life of wearing O2. They are too big for a backpack so it was in tow. But, after a few years of that and arriving at a service on a Friday evening towing an empty tank, I decided I had had enough of tanks, both empty and filled, so with a surprise gift from my Mom one Christmas, I ordered the G4. It’s pulse 1-3 and I love it. Now, I see (?) my Pulmonologist next year, and I’ll see what he thinks about the Inogen pulse vs the tanks. Oh, by the way, Inogen has come down in price since I bought mine.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @hamjam43, thanks for sharing. I also know that the Inogen’s have come down since we purchased mine, too.

      Ughh, the dreaded ABG. I had one painful experience with this and have hated them since hehe.

      Yes, those large tanks are such a hassle to lug around when you are struggling to breathe as it is.

      I think that if you are doing OK with the Inogen, it is working well for you. Some notice that that have better results with the tanks. We are all different, so personal preference counts, too. These are to help us not hinder our lives anymore.

      Do you mention blood clots, is your PH caused by blood clots? Were you a candidate for PTE surgery? I hope that you are staying well.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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