• jen-cueva

    May 10, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    Great topic, Colleen! I find the dentist caress me more anxiety than a RHC, lol

    I do know we have to be careful not to neglect other things like dental care . Most aren’t aware but a bad abscessed tooth can kill you. It’s very important for heart health and just overall health to keep your dental appointments.

    In my case, they used to have me take antibiotics prior to cleaning, etc., but since things have changed, I don’t have to take antibiotics for the teeth cleaning. My dentist has been cleaning my teeth for almost 10 years, so he’s familiar with my PH and meds I am on, etc.. in addition to talking to your doctors about any precautions, please be sure your dentist is aware of all medical history and medications you are taking. I’ve heard a few bad stories from patients from not telling their dentists about things such as blood thinners, etc. . It’s always best to be be safe than sorry.

    If I get too anxious prior to my dental appointment, I take an Ativan to help. I also try to thing of positive , feedback n places I would like to be when I’m in the “ dreaded “ dental chair, lol I wear my oxygen and also take a neck pillow to help that I’m not as flat and my dentist will raise the chair up some for me. They are very accommodating.

  • Colleen

    May 10, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    Jen, for a long time it seemed like the doctor’s couldn’t make a solid decision on prescribing antibiotics prior to cleaning. One visit my son would be told to and then the next it wouldn’t be required. Eventually it was determined that pre-medicating wasn’t necessary, but we still double check on this before each cleaning. Dental care beyond cleaning is a whole other ball game. For example, by the time my son was ready for braces his PH had worsened. He needed extractions before the braces could be put on and it was too high a risk. We also had to keep in mind that being listed for transplant was possibly down the road and then they would have had to be removed.

    You are so right about making sure the dentist is in the know regarding all medications and allergies! It doesn’t hurt to mention any recent procedures too. We print out a list of medications, doses, times taken, etc., and hand it directly to the dentist every time my son has an appointment.

    Thank you for sharing tips on dental anxiety. I’m sure that’s an issue for many and a big reason some might not keep up with their dental care as they should. It is so important though!

  • jen-cueva

    August 17, 2023 at 10:47 am

    Hey, y’all, I wanted to share this important topic again. Dental care is often left at the bottom of our list. But we must try to keep our pearly whites in good health.

    For me, and many who take diuretics, or “water pills,” as some refer to them, it can affect oral care. A dry mouth can easily lead to gum disease or tooth decay.

    Of course, other medications can dry our mouths, too. Below is an article I found that you may find helpful.

    Dry mouth and oral care

    After reading, who has had a recent dental exam? If not, will you be scheduling one soon?

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