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      Jen Cueva

      Because I have been on oxygen 24/7, my hubby and I have been researching little hacks and have found a few, mostly one that works best for us. First, my hubby tried the microwave; that was his research. That was not much help.

      I read to use the dryer, yes, the dryer. But, we also started with what Apria sent me for kink non-kink tubing, which was not. It was better than my previous darker green ones.

      So, my hubby finally read, too, for himself, that using the dryer helps. So, he added the tubing in the dryer with a few towels, as per instructions. He set it on low for 10-15 minutes. The directions said 10, but he forgot. He stretched the 50 ft tubing out across our hallway afterward. Here we are a week later, and that worked.

      I know that @mendo-bruce offered some suggestions when we discussed nasal cannulas. I thought this topic would be of interest to all on oxygen. The brand is Drive, and it says non-kink tubing, 50 ft. on the label.

      Anyone else tried any hacks that worked or failed? Let’s talk about it.

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      Mendo Bruce

      Was the “no kink” hose purple? I have read about the purple hose but I haven’t tried it yet. The soft hose from is much better at laying flat but it can kink too.

      I am experimenting with the automated hose reel from but I have only had it one day and I’m still working out the kinks (pun intended). It’s a little under $200 and I’m not sure if it is going to work or not, I’ll let you know in a week or so.

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        John R R Phillips

        Yes I have! I also just saw a member having problems with potential allergies to his cannula!
        <div dir=”ltr”>I have been working on developing a device to allow easier movement with the cannula and aid in preventing tripping and balance uncertainties related to oxygen lies! I don’t have much to offer on the actual cannula in the nasal cavity although at the moment my nostrils are sore and irritated which has not been the case previously and I have been using external oxygen for 7 years! So I can help with any entanglements related to the lines if anyone needs help with that!
        <div>I have pulmonary sarcoidosis and PAH so my prognosis isn’t very good and I would like to get my ideas available while I have time so if anyone in the forum has any ideas please let me know!</div>
        <div class=”yj6qo ajU”></div>

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @mendo-bruce, no, this one from Drive is a lighter green color and works well. My hubby and I looked at a few of the reels, but the cost was “unreel”.-hehe

      Please do keep us posted on how this is working for you and if it is worth the higher cost. Thanks again for sharing your finds with us. Yes, I am hoping you find that since you purchased it that it will work.

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      Steve Sallee

      One of my biggest sources of frustration before my transplant. I am so lucky I don’t have to deal with it anymore. I do still intend to attempt to re-engineer this nightmare now that I am retired. If I can accomplish what I think will work, I will have some of you try it out. Stay tuned. -Steve

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        Jen Cueva

        Awesome @exjarhead57730, I look forward to hearing what you come up with. It is such a pain some days. I know that you are not missing the oxygen kinks at all.

        Thanks for your willingness to help despite your transplant.

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        John R R Phillips

        Hey Steve!

        I don’t know if you saw my post above but also am working on a couple of ideas not only related to the cannula “entanglement” (my heart is still with quantum entanglement) but for some other pulmonary testing applications! I cofounded a nanotechnology company that we spun off from NASA in 2003! I’m not an engineer but more the theoretical and idea guy and was more that in our company than anything and I wasn’t very comfortable with the “visionary” description! I was in Silicon Valley during the initial hay day of the software revolution and then worked with the folks at NASA Ames Research Center! It was a crazy time! I am too late for a lung transplant as I would now need a block I think they call it which is a heart lung transplant! I just turned 65 last month and have live allover the world and done so many things (which I tried to blame my sarcoidosis on) that if I can stay stable and maybe help get some answers for some other folks (I was a participant in the Acthar gel clinical trial for sarcoidosis which got approved) and I will volunteer for any other trials I can if I think it makes sense! I’m rambling which I tend to do so I just thought I’d throw this out there!

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      Donna Lambro

      I’m so sick of kinks in my tubing. I don’t know the brand, I get it from the company that supplies my oxygen. I try to straiten it every day. I use a 25′ at night that goes into the bedroom. But the 50′ one I use around the house is the problem. I may try the dryer solution. I hope it works.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @donnalamblue, I am hopeful that the dryer with a few towels will work for you. Before buying online, ask your oxygen company to order “kink-free” tubing for you. Please let us know if you try the dryer trick.

        Thanks, @joef; yes, my hubby tried stretching it out too, it helped a tad, but mine is 50 ft. OMG, I have a small 15-pound mini schnauzer, so I can only picture how that large dog will cut off your supply hehe.

        You mention high flow tubing; which one do you use? Also, how high is your O2? Do you have 2 concentrators or one for your high flow?

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      Joe Flynn

      I simply stretch the kink and it seem to help.
      I use high flow tubing and it is much less prone to kinking.
      I tried the purple tubing but it was terrible for kinking.
      My biggest problem is my large dog standing or sleeping on my tubing!

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        Colleen Steele

        @joef I actually snorted with laughter when I read about your dog lying on your tubing. That brings back memories that are funny now but maybe not as funny back then. We usually kept my son’s home oxygen concentrator at his bedroom door upstairs. So, especially when he was downstairs there would be a trail of tubing following him. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard him ask, “Who is standing on my tubing?” I would follow the lead to the source which was almost always our big lab asleep on it.

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          Jen Cueva

          hehe @colleensteele, now I just laughed reading your comments about the tubing-

          This morning, it was my hubby, Manny, not our Sasha, who did that to me. We both just looked and laughed at each other.

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      Donna Lambro

      Hi Jen,
      Thanks I will ask if they have non kink tubing. I haven’t tried the dryer yet.

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      Jen Cueva

      Another tip that I forgot to add was to try the swivel connectors. These have helped me but also tend to get caught on corners and things inside the house. Just yesterday, somehow, I got it caught inside the fridge, hehe.

      The swivel connectors are something that your oxygen company should have; ask., If not, there is always Amazon.

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      Sarah Kuykendall

      I haven’t had a chance to really try it yet, but when my supplier was here last week he told me that he helps his mother with this problem. He uses 10 ft tubing connected to each other with the swivel connectors. He says it helps a lot. Good luck!

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        Colleen Steele

        I don’t remember my son using the swivel connectors. Wish we had known about them. They sound helpful.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @sarahk, I hope that the swivel connectors help you. I have a 50 ft tube, and it works well. @colleensteele, yes, I just recently learned of the swivels, lol

        They do help.

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      John R R Phillips

      Wow, lots of cool responses! hmmm…where do I start to discuss the Bain of my existence? I have been on oxygen 24/7 for 6 1/2 years in various flows! At the moment I am on 6 l/m which is up from the 4 l/ before my Covid experience in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020! I do use the ultra soft cannulas because the other ones get hard soon after using! I too am working on a design for a retractable device! I’m a retired scientist and always coming up with ideas on thigs!
      I tried the “non-kink” tubing with minimal success but I have not tried the dryer solution! What I did however was to order 50 ft. of cable wrap and wrap it around my tubing. Flexible and delays the kink for quite some time! I am about to try a larger size because the 1/4″ is sort of tight and a bit difficult for me to put on! After seeing it when delivering my oxygen a couple years ago my oxygen company have shared it with several other customers who have been pleased with how it helps! Too bad I couldn’t patent that but at lease I can share it with folks it might help! I am pretty active although the PH which jumped on board my sarcoidosis train after my lengthy hospital stay last year (22 days, 11 in ICU) is taking its toll!
      My pulmonologist now says I am the healthiest very sick patient he has! Now I have to try and lose 40 lbs. or deliver this prednisone baby…and what a toll that has taken! Okay, I’m rambling so I’m to bother the dog! Thanks everyone for your ideas and support!

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @zannie, thanks for sharing your experiences and your hacks to help with the kind in oxygen tubing. I am also up to 5 liters from 4 after COVID, and now I am on 24/7 that I was not before COVID. By sharing our experiences,. We help others who may need it, too.

      Retired scientist, humm, your mind must always be clicking with ideas. I know that others, too, will appreciate the tip. Do you order that cable wrap online or like Home Depot?

      You mention prednisone, the necessary evil as we call it. Good luck on the 40 pounds. Check out our newest post, Low Sodium Queen cooking videos, if you need a few ideas. Do you follow a specific diet?

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      Susi Steppins

      I knew I would be happy I came here today.
      This is what my husband and I were talking about just this morning.
      I always realize that either he or our dog is standing on my tubing because my ears nearly come off of my head.
      I have a 50 ft. tube that is always kinking.
      There are some really great suggestions here.
      Thank you all so much for sharing them.
      BTW, my husbands very loving nickname for me is now “Hosenose”. 🙂

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      Oh I can’t believe the topic of discussion amongst everyone which is the thorn in my side. ever since I went on oxygen, yeah you know so all of you designers I’m waiting on the edge of my seat with my hands gripped on the armrest just waiting for your designs to come out. because you know you’re going to be worth a million. I will say however my two dogs they know how to 02 dance. we call it the O2 dance they feel me tugging on under their feet and they move their feet real quick it didn’t take them too long to learn the O2 dance. my biggest struggle is my tubing will go up over the arm of the couch and get caught on pieces of furniture or plants that not knocked over plants. it knocked my eyeglasses off the table last week and I didn’t know it happened and the next thing I seen the dogs were laying on my eyeglasses and they got big gouges across both lenses. yeah I’m not too happy about oxygen tubing either. I guess after a while those of us that have been on oxygen a while we just get kind of used to it. and the only fix or hack I ever tried was stretching it out in the sun one time and that was the pure waste of time don’t even bother.

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      Stephanie Mitchell

      I get a large pot of water and get it almost a boil. I plug both ends of the tubing with ear plugs and then submerge the tubing in the hot water for a few seconds. Immediately after bringing the tubing out of the water, stretch it lightly to it’s full length and let it cool down. It will take it’s new shape as it cools. This method will remove almost all the coiling of the tubing.

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      Barbara Thompson

      Here are the suggestions I’ve learned over the years:

      This is a letter that I sent to my <u>former</u> oxygen supplier, Apria.



      1.) The Home-Fill Unit System allows patients the freedom to be out & about as well as travel. I never have to spend a day waiting for a delivery man. My husband, Chuck & I would not have been able to take a 3-week vacation in 2012 along the East coast without the Home-Fill System. One note though; if the tank is completely empty it takes hours to refill, however, if refilled upon returning home, it only takes minutes. The patient has to turn the concentrator back on so while there put the tank on the unit for refilling.

      With the smaller tank size, it will easily fit in a large purse so there’s no need to use the ugly carrying case that makes it a more obvious use of oxygen for women. When patients have to use the tanks with the cart, it’s rough on the shoulder rotator cuff as well as the back from having to lift it into the vehicle. It could even be dangerous for osteoporosis patients. 


      2.) I use 2 1/2 lpm while at home but when out, I set it on 3 lpm but sometimes 2. It’ll last for about 5 hours for me. I know that for patients who use over 3 lpm, they cannot use the #1616 cannula, however, a lot – if not most – of new patients only use 2 lpm. This cannula is much more comfortable & is available in 4′ (for use when out) & 7′ to attach to the 25′ or longer hose to give you some extra footage. They need both so they don’t get tangled up in the 7′ while out. It’s too long for the small tank while out.

      I know that the #1600 is a “one-size-fits-all” but from the patient’s point of view, we need comfort. We’ve already been dealt a rotten hand – don’t make it worse. For those on 4 lpm & higher, they should be told about the foam EZ wraps. (Sorry, I don’t know the item number if them) Way better than nothing.

      I have recently discovered Comfort Soft Plus cannulas (7’ Ref 0556 & 4’ Ref 0194 made by Westmed for those on a higher lpm use. Super soft & pliable.  


      3.) Patients should be told about the water bottle as well as saline drops & Ayr gel applied to the inside of the nose with a Q-tip to relieve a dry nose that sometimes occurs even with the water bottle. You tell them not to use petroleum products. Tell them what they can use. 


      4.) Instead of a 50′ hose, I suggest 2-25 footers with a swivel connector. I don’t know if the hoses are still made in the clear color or not but they all should be green so they are more visible. Getting tangled up in the hose is very common & even can cause unnecessary falls. I know this one will be controversial but if you need a 50 footer or 2, put it in your clothes dryer for about 2 minutes so it’ll become more pliable, uncurl & lay flat.


      5.) There are times when condensation collects in the hose. They need to know about the water trap so the condensation doesn’t drip out of the nose. Very embarrassing. The only problem with the trap is stepping on it & sliding down or falling to the floor. Also embarrassing.

      New discoveries: use a #2025 25′ hose then attach the #7100 water trap (the ends screw on) then connect the #2020 7′ hose to the other end of the water trap then your cannula using a swivel.


      New finds: Violet crush resistant, low-memory material that helps prevent kinking tubing, (HCSU4525V). I use 2-25’ lengths connected with a swivel. I’ve since found that I don’t need 50’ so I use one of the 25’ (HCSU2425V) connected to a 14’ (HCSU4524V) then connected to a Cushion nasal cannula. LOVE the violet crush resistant made by Medline. My wonderful o2 supplier, Mobilcare, ordered these & stock them for me. They are switching over to these since they lay flat right out of the package so I’m not getting tangled up in hoses & falling. If you are using a national company, consider switching over to a local more personalized service company.


      So, when the Home-Fill o2 or oxygen system is being delivered, you know what lpm the patient is on, at least take minimally what they need. A 2050G, 2-2025G hoses, a #1220 swivel connector, 1 each of the #1616 in the 4′ length as well as a 7′,  a #7100 water trap & a #7600 water bottle. At the very least, have a brochure with these items so they know what is available to them. You know what’s available ; so should the patient.  🦓🦓🦓

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      Colleen Steele

      @barbarainmemphis I have always admired how proactive you are at advocating and educating others about PH and all the many things it involves. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips.

      How have you been doing?

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      Susi Steppins

      I am wondering if anyone here has had, or is having, a problem with the tubing and canulas creating a problem with rash and itching.

      I have developed a terrible rash along my neck where the tubing often lies and along the sides underneath my nose.

      I am allergic to latex, but the bag the hoses come in says latex free.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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        Mendo Bruce

        I’m not sure what is causing your rash but you might try the cannulas from . They are the only cannulas that I know of that has all the tubing that touches your face made of silicone. Although other “soft” hoses feel somewhat similar, none of the other major brands make the hose from silicone.

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      Susi Steppins

      Thank you so much Mendo Bruce.

      I appreciate the suggestion.

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      Carol alexander

      Always have to keep checking

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      Jo Ann white

      I really like the purple med line hose and the swivel connector too but found one of the best thing was to get a cannula shirt enough so the connector doesn’t touch the floor when I am standing and therefore doesn’t get caught on things. Captiva makes a short one that works well for me with prongs long enough not to flip out of my nose


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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @jo-ann-white, thanks for sharing that information about the purple tubing with the Cativa cannula. Do you happen to have a model number for that one? I found several online.

        Hi @mendo-bruce, great to see ya pop in again. I hope you are doing well. I do recall you sharing the soft hose line before. Is this their site? Softhose

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          Mendo Bruce

          yes, that is the site

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          Jen Cueva

          Thanks, @mendo-bruce. How are you doing? I have not seen you update in some time. Great to “dee” ya.

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      Rickie Daniels

      http://WWW.SOFTFHOSES.COM  50 Foot hose is $40 — expensive, but worth it, I found I can use is for several months without an issue.  It will eventually get a bit twisted, but still is manageable.  They also have a number of different types of cannula’s – normal flow, high flow, etc.

      This is a family owned business, you deal directly with them, no middle man.  I learned about them on the Inspire COPD board, Mendo is there too.

      I started using the soft hose after getting tangled up in that “green-eyed monster” that the DME providers give you.  It cost me a broken femur, mental parts and many weeks of painful rehab.  For $40 buck — worth it.

      My friend tells me the dryer and damp towels do work somewhat on the cheap plastic hoses.

      Rickie 8/5/2021

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