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     Jen Cueva 

    I understand that it can be complicated to plan ahead for the holidays living with PH. This upcoming weekend is the Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day is on Monday.

    Do you have anything fun planned? If so, are you planning to BBQ, go to the beach, picnic, or simply relax at home? It’s all good, I like simple too.

    If you want some tips on grilling. I watched this segment on KCLA, in Los Angeles. Anyone else now hungry?

    Whatever you’re planning, be safe, plan indoor breaks, stay hydrated and enjoy!

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     Brittany Foster 

    Hi Jen,
    I actually have a VERY busy weekend ahead of me. I am moving from an apartment to a townhouse with my boyfriend. The space is just SO MUCH bigger than where we are now and it’s only the two of us. I feel like we are going to have to just move all the furniture in and just kind of see where things look best and what we need along the way to fill up the house and make it “ours”. Doing something new is always exciting and makes me nervous and anxious at the same time. I also have plans to go to a concert this weekend and my cousin’s wedding is on Sunday. It will be a busy one for sure but hopefully a really fun time filled with lots of family and friends. Really looking forward to it.

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       Jen Cueva 

      It sounds like an extremely busy but exciting weekend for you. Please try to listen to your body as I don’t want you to overdo it. Especially, with your bronchitis and pneumonia, it’s even more important that you don’t exhaust yourself. I know you know these things.

      I’m sure that you have a ton of help to move. I can’t wait to see the pictures when you get stuff settled. It sounds amazing and I know that you and your boyfriend will enjoy it.

      What concert are you attending? Definitely, pace yourself, I know, I’m going to stop as I’m sure I’ll start sounding like your mom. Hehe

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         Brittany Foster 

        Definitely will be busy for sure! I am getting all the help moving but will try to move the majority of my own clothes. I need to feel like I’m doing SOMETHING so the drawers of clothes and emptying the medication cabinets is all one me haha! Even though I most likely will need help with moving the boxes of clothes packed up the stairs. I will have to show pictures of what it looks like when we are done. Really excited for it even though I know it is going to feel overwhelming with all the space we have at first. Might seem a little empty at first, but hey sometimes that’s a good thing! Give a chance to see what we actually need too. I am one to just keep things that I actually don’t need, especially clothes I am SOOOO bad with that. Things that don’t fit me anymore or something that I’ve probably worn only once in the last few years I still have in my closet. WOOOPS!

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         Colleen Steele 

        I’m reading Brittany’s plans and sitting here thinking about how the most exciting thing we have planned is to try making our own cauliflower pizza. LOL! You have an amazing weekend ahead of you! I’m going to say extra prayers that your health cooperates so that you can enjoy it all.

        Jen, I forgot the fact that it’s labor day weekend until you mentioned it. My boys have big plans. My “healthy” son’s girlfriend attends Washington State University which is about 6 hours from us. He made plans to visit her this weekend and invited his brother to go with him. I’m really excited for my PH/Transplant Kid. This is his first time going away without me or his dad. He and his brother are going to get a hotel room and stay from Friday to Monday. Now I’m a little nervous about them driving in holiday traffic though.

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         Brittany Foster 

        I’m sure they will have so much fun! I bet that is a great college too. Probably a big weekend for family and friends to visit colleges. It was always like that over the long weekends where I went to school. Especially Columbus day weekend, that was a HUGE weekend where I live and a lot of alumni events were always planned that weekend too.

        I’m sure your boys will love every second of their time together! Must be nice to have a good weekend to yourself too with you and your husband! The pizza making sounds like a fun night too! Honestly, I wish I was making pizzas too instead of staying up late when I know I need the rest haha! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for my body ! LOL

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         Jen Cueva 

        Haha, Colleen, please keep us posted on the cauliflower crust pizza. I haven’t mastered that and have tried a few different recipes.

        How exciting for your boys! That’s awesome! Well, except for the fact that now will worry more.

        I’m sure that they will do fine. I think that your ” healthy” son sounds like he’s a caring guy. I’m smiling as I type this- as I love to read and see sibling love.

        You’ll definitely have to write about your son’s first trip without the parents. They will make some fun memories, I’m sure.

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