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      Brittany Foster

      Lately, when my breathing feels more difficult I have been straining muscles. I notice that I get an aching pain under my rib (mostly left side) of my back and it wraps across to my front rib cage. Almost feels like someone is squeezing my side. I am wondering if anyone has experienced muscle pain and inflammation of the muscles we use to breathe? I experience this around the rib cage and accesory muscles for breathing like shoulders/neck.

      My doctor just evaluated me and my side was in a bad spasm so she gave me some muscle relaxants to help get my body out of this spasm. She also recommeneded anti inflammatory medications for in between.

      Have you experienced muscle spasms or tightness from the muscles you’re using to breathe? What helps you with this? Have you tried muscle relaxers for this type of pain?

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      Belinda Wohner

      Yes I have been having for some time now these spasms also. It my be in the front of my side or in my back.always including my rib cage. I talked to my doctor and he had no clue. He suggested me try some chair yoga.

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        Brittany Foster

        That is a good idea and suggestion and I can see how doing stretching and yoga might be able to relieve some of that tension. Have you found any good yoga videos that you are able to do or any poses that are tolerable for you? Let me know, I’d love to try it out too! Any little bit helps.

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        Stephannie Baker

        Really nice idea! I hope yoga will help you out!

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          Brittany Foster

          Yoga is great and I tried to do it a few times a week (usually in the middle of the week and on a Sunday) I liked doing videos on Youtube that I could watch for free. There is a yoga challenge on the Youtube channel “Yoga With Adrienne” if you ever wanted to check it out. She is really easy to follow. Helps with the stress and anxiety that comes with the territory of having PH.

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      Kathleen Sheffer

      I wish I had known the importance of strengthening my diaphragm before my transplant. I only learned about it in pulmonary rehab post-transplant. I know a number of PH patients who have gone through pulmonary rehab with great success. You might talk to your doctors about this option – it’s a great way to learn more about the lungs and to exercise safely. They monitor all your vitals and know how to modify exercises. You can also check out some of the yoga videos specifically designed for PH patients. It is hard for me to motivate myself to do yoga, but I know it is so important for my body and I have been making an effort (I went to a class yesterday, and have a mat in my room! Maybe I’ll do a bit more today).

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        Brittany Foster

        The first step would be getting a good mat! I had such a comfy squishy one. I am in the process of getting that NIOV machine and will hopefully have it by next week. With the ventilation my doctors are confident I will be able to do more evercise safely! I’m looking forward to it! Maybe a youtube series called “ventilation and perspiration with Britt” hahahaha!

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