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      Jen Cueva

      Because of PH, we can’t take many over-the-counter(OTC) cold and flu supplements. This leads us to look for home remedies to help when we experience cold/flu symptoms.

      Many PH specialists only agree to plain Robitussin for cough and Tylenol or Ibuprofen for fever. My PH specialist allows me to take plain Mucinex for congestion.

      Before I try prescribed medications, I try OTC supplements and a few home remedies. Here are a few of my home remedies.
      * Zinc
      * Vitamin C
      * Hot tea with lemon and honey(I use jasmine, peppermint, spearmint, or elderberry herbal teas.)
      * Extra garlic and onions when cooking(I tend to use these in large amounts most days.)
      * Ginseng

      Using some of the remedies above, I also try and allow my body to rest more than usual. I also aim for probiotic-rich foods and keep stress as low as possible.

      Do you have any home remedies for cold or flu symptoms that are helpful for you? Do you follow a regimen that boosts your immunity during the cold and flu season? Let’s talk about this.

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      Roger Bliss

      I take several vitamins every day, not only for colds and flu but some to help out for COVID. This is my list…….

      Vitamin C 1000
      B-12 5000 mcg
      Quercitin 800 mg
      Zinc 50 mg
      D-3 5,000 IU
      Magnesium 400 mg

      If I am feeling sick I do the same tea thing you do only with a shot of whiskey.
      My wife gives me….

      Coloidal Silver
      Oil of oregano
      Sanbuca Elderberry instead of Zcam.

      I get in a sleeping bag that makes me too hot so I sweat when I go to bed. That seems to help a lot.

      Not saying This will work for everyone, but it works for me.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @wheeldog, I laugh as I read through your list. Your whiskey reminds me of my late stepfather. He always gave us a hot whiskey treated with lemon, honey, and who knows as a kid. Those tricks worked; I will add tequila or something if I have any on hand.

      The sleeping bag trick, I know, works with extra blankets. My late MIL always said wrap up like a burrito. This was after rubbing most of your body down with Vicks.

      Your vitamin and supplement list is something you take daily, right? Did you start that during COVID, or was this part of your daily routine before?

      Does Mary Ellen get oregano oil online or a natural food store?

      I can’t take too many extra vitamins with my kidneys, but my nephrologist did give me the OK on those few listed above. Before my CKD, I took many supplements daily that I knew benefited my body.

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      Roger Bliss

      I took all those daily except Quercitin before. I can’t take multiple vitamins because they all contain niacin and that gives me gout. The others I only take if I feel a cold coming on.

      The oregano is in pill form and she gets it at a health food place at home. She will probably get everything on Amazon here in AZ.  It is 40 miles 1 way to the nearest “big box store” so we buy a lot of stuff  on Amazon.

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      Jen Cueva

      Oh no, @wheeldog, I didn’t remember that you, too, have gout. That can be painful. Do you take meds daily to prevent an attack? I take meds as needed when this flares up. But usually do OK unless I eat a ton of seafood, which I love.

      Do you limit certain foods because of your gout?

      I also order on Amazon many things. I never did until the pandemic started. Manny was the only person who used Amazon before that.

      Hopefully, you and Mary Ellen enjoy the slower pace of life in AZ and enjoy some activities with your friends.

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        Roger Bliss

        Some seafood gives it to me…..clams, muscles and scallops. I can eat most other stuff…..crab, oysters, shrimp etc. The last couple of months I did cheat and had some clam chowder, I have a couple scallops now and then… far nothing. However if I “pig out” on one of those, I will suffer.  I don’t take meds to prevent it, but I do keep some in case I have an attack.

        After a busy summer, we are enjoying doing nothing for a while. We do some of the activities here when we feel like it……

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      Jen Cueva

      I’m grateful to hear that you can “cheat” at times without having a flare-up. I also had some clam chowder last month and no issues, thank goodness. You know how those flares can be a pain in the butt, or for me, foot. Hehe

      Hopefully, you and Mary Ellen are enjoying that R &R and, as you mention, can participate in activities as you want. Are you staying through March, or when do you usually head back? I know, not even thinking about that yet, right?

      Your body is probably loving that downtime, too. Have you noticed improvements since you aren’t working daily?

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        Roger Bliss

        We are enjoying not doing much. We usually go home around the 3rd week in March.

        Think it’s the weather down here that helps me breath better. I changed a tire on my 1 ton truck and I was short of breath for a couple of days after that. My wife has been using the workout equipment…….thinking about going with her to get my strength back.

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          Jen Cueva

          Oh boy, @wheeldog, your luck sounds like Manny’s. When he is off, it always seems to be something going on that he can work on, LOL.

          I hope you don’t need anything else on your truck while there. It sounds like you and Mary Ellen enjoy the AZ temps and relaxation. Please do take it easy if you start on the workout equipment. I suggest you go with her, so you aren’t alone there. Take it slow, sir.

          But doing a little exercise will probably help you. Don’t overdo and build up slowly. If you feel anything out of the norm, please stop and rest. I know- I must sound like a mom, now.

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      Terese Tuohey

      My Mom taught me a sure-iure way to cure a sore throat with a cold.  First a cup of hot tea (I do herbal- echanesia usually), as hot as you can stand to drink it.  Follow with a bowl of chicken soup (home-made of course), also very hot, an eat a link of hot, spicy Italian (Yea, that’s me!) sausage.  More tea if desired to wash it all down.  I guarantee, if you have a throat left after all that, it doesn’t hurt!

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        Jen Cueva

        HI @tervo, I love your mom’s remedies. I love both really hot tea and homemade soups. They are so good for your souls, aren’t they?

        Although I love spicy foods, your extremely spicy Italian sausage link threw me for a loop. Is that your Italian heritage showing through? I will certainly try this when needed again.

        I hope that you are all settled in to Florida for the holidays. Did you get the decorating done?

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      Terese Tuohey

      Sorry about the typo – it’s “sure -fire”

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      Colleen Steele

      My dad swears by honey. I know that as soon as I tell my dad that one of us isn’t feeling well he will ask if we have any honey to put in some hot tea. It is soothing but I think at this point it has a calming nostalgic effect on me. Whether it works or not I will always have tea with honey when I’m not feeling well because it makes me think of my dad.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hey @colleensteele, yes, local honey is even better. I always have some local honey for allergies, and anytime we start feeling blah. Hot tea and honey is a staple in our home, too.

        I sometimes catch myself reaching for the honey anytime I make hot tea. Do you, too, even when not sick?

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      Terese Tuohey

      Yep, that’s my Italian showing, I may have married an Irishman, but my heritage is all Sicilian.

      We are settled in FL now, and put our Christmas tree and creche up.  Both will stay up until Jan 6.  My husband Tim decorated the outside of the house with lights, and bright our tree down from the storage space so I could decorate it.  He’s not much for putting stuff on the branches, and hanging the tinsel is ALL my job.

      It’s so much easier to breathe here.  The cold up north sucked the air right out of my lungs, I swear.  Wearing a mask was a blessing, and wrapping a scarf around my neck an mouth also helped.  But I hate all that winter stuff.  This nice warm, sunny place is much more to my liking – and my breathing.  AC I can handle!

      Jen and Colleen, I must compliment you both on your excellent writing skills.  I truly enjoy reading your columns and posts.

      Wishing all of the participants in this Forum a Merry Christmas!

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        Jen Cueva

        Hehe, love, it @tervo, that Sicilian it is!

        Your Florida home sounds so lovely. You paint a nice picture of you tossing off that cold-weather gear and getting ready for the sunshine. I had that same issue when visiting my late MIL in Ohio for the holidays. I would wrap in scarps, layers, etc., but that cold air burned my lungs.

        My body prefers warmer temps and sunshine, too. Vitamin D does a body and mind wonders.

        You are so kind with your support. I hope you and Tim enjoy a beautiful, sunny Christmas in Florida. Please keep us posted when you and Sally meet up, too.

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        Colleen Steele

        @tervo I think it’s nice that you and your husband each have your own part in decorating. I’m the primary decorator in my house and kind of wish Brian and the boys would take a more active role in it. But at least they always appreciate how I pull it all together and seeing their reactions makes me happy.

        Thank you for reading our column’s and posts and for your kind feedback. We share with the hope that somehow we are helping others who are going through the experiences that we have. We are all in this together.

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