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      Jen Cueva

        Can you believe that Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks? Time flies when we are busy having fun, right?

        Last year, I was in the hospital with COVID during Thanksgiving. This year, I am looking forward to planning our Thanksgiving menu with my little family. This will be at our condo in San Diego with my “kiddos” and Manny, of course.

        My daughter, KK, and I are excited and will be planning our menu soon. We both enjoy cooking and eating. Plus, the guys enjoy adding their faves to our menu, too. It’s going to be a small and cozy Thanksgiving as we count our many blessings.

        Do you have plans for Thanksgiving? Are you planning to spend the day with family that you have not seen or cook at home? What are you most looking forward to?

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        Colleen Steele

          @jenc I am so excited for you this Thanksgiving because this time last year you had us all so worried about you. You are proof to never give up and that things can get better. And how wonderful to have KK so close to celebrate the holiday’s with!

          To be honest, I’m not quite in planning mode yet, but as you know, I haven’t been feeling well. Hopefully I will be on the mend soon and can get in the spirit of the season.

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            Roger Bliss

              Hope you are feeling better and have a FUN “turkey day”!!!

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            Jen Cueva

              Thanks, @colleensteele; I hope that you start to feel much better this week. I know once you are feeling better, you will be planning your Thanksgiving dinner with your guys. I’m keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

              Lately, it’s been surreal as I keep thinking about where I was last year at this time. I am undoubtedly grateful beyond measure for all, including you and our forum members here.

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              Roger Bliss

                Glad you are going to have a MUCH better Thanksgiving this year!! Enjoy your time with your family. We don’t have any definite plans so far. If our Canadian friends make it down, we will probably have it with them. Might join the folks at the RV for the one they have. Then again sometimes we just stick to ourselves and cook up a prime rib. Turkey is ok, but prime rib works better for me when celebrating something.;-)

                Yeah……I am WAY behind schedule for leaving. The goal was to get to the America border before the 8th……screwed up that goal. This PH left me alone during the summer driving the truck. Now I have been doing lots of physical work, much of it out in the cold, The PH has been screwing with me. Took me way longer to pack up and get the property ready for winter. I keep thinking I can “get in shape”, but it hasn’t worked too well for me. I am finding myself shorter of breath than usual. Does that sound normal for PH?? Over do it and you are short of breath……take it easy and you can breath better???

                Pretty much sure we will leave tomorrow. Going to get our COVID test in the morning and camp near the border while we wait for our COVID test results. They should come in the following morning. Might be good leaving later as it is getting colder. The roads can get real slick when the temps hover around freezing. Most of the roads are snow packed. As long as the temps are well below freezing the snow is “sticker” and you can move right along.

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                  Jen Cueva

                    Thank you for your kind words, @wheeldog. You are not alone. This is normal; when you overdo things, you struggle. I like to say that we pay to play, in your case, work. That and the cold affects my PH symptoms just as much as the heat and humidity.

                    Often I hear others with PH say, “if only I can get in shape or gear.” I, too, am guilty of this. Unfortunately, we continue to deal with more symptoms as we push ourselves. I have learned to listen to my body better and rest in between activities. It’s not easy when you have work to do or things that you want to enjoy.

                    Please be careful. Once you arrive in AZ, I know you will enjoy a slower pace when you’re not participating in all of the fun activities.

                    Now, I will be craving prime rib, too. I am not a huge fan of turkey either. We usually have a small ham and maybe a small turkey. We will see.

                    We often have prime rib for Christmas dinner. I enjoy it when I am craving red meat.

                    Thinking of you and your wife as you prepare to come across the border to AZ. Please keep us posted on how things are going.

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                  Jen Cueva

                    Where are our planners at? Thanksgiving is only a week away now. What’s on your menu this year? What are you most looking forward to?

                    For me, family time with the kiddos and, of course, food, hehe.

                    , hopefully, you and your husband, Brian, are both feeling much better. Is he cooking for Thanksgiving?

                    Whatever is on your plate, wishing you and yours many blessings this Thanksgiving season.

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