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      Colleen Steele

      My son was admitted to the hospital this week due to serious problems regulating his blood pressure.

      His EKG for the first time since his transplant 6 years ago, was abnormal. It shows a right bundle branch block.

      I’m not familiar with it so I did some research. Kind of freaked out when I read that among many other things, PH can cause it.

      Cardiologist is not concerned. He said this is something common people get, especially post heart transplant. It won’t need to be treated and there are no indications that Cullen has PH again.

      Being a mom though, I’m still worried, especially since he experiences chest pains and difficulty breathing when his blood pressure goes too high.

      Do you have experience with right bundle branch block? I would appreciate whatever you can tell me about it

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      Jen Cueva

      I can imagine you would be concerned, as you mentioned, this was his first abnormal EKG post-transplant. I would make sure that they are documenting this and monitoring for any changes. I know the biggest concern would be a full heart block.

      I have no experience with RBBB but have heard a few PH patients have mentioned it. Their cardiologist just monitored it. My continued prayers are with you.

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      Zakki has had RBBB his whole life. Of course he has also had PH his whole life, 26 years, at times worse than others. His Pediatric Cardiologist isn’t worried about the RBBB many kids have it post open heart surgery. He also has some other rhythm problems that are more concerning however.

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      Colleen Steele

      @zsmom it is so good to see when new members dive right into the forums. Thank you for sharing Zakki’s experience. I’m hearing the same from doctor’s and other patients that RBBB usually isn’t too concerning. What other rhythm problems does he have? My son was diagnosed with severe Long QT Syndrome and Mitral Valve Prolapse prior to his PH diagnosis. Does Zakki have issues with those or something else?

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      Zakki has runs of v-tach where his heart rate will go up to 190 for twenty minutes. He has some other rhythm issues with exercise but not too worries. The v-tach is uncomfortable and wears him out, makes him feel sick, and it makes his lungs a wet mess each time but so far the runs have stopped on their own without having to be converted.

      He was born with complex and critical congenital heart defects – Transposition of the great arteries, Hypoplastic (too small) left ventricle with no function and no pressure, discontinuous left pulmonary artery,hypoplastic main and right pulmonary artery, PDA and anomolous coronary artery. He’s had 16 heart surgeries and interventional caths.

      Currently we are debating about what to do next about his main pulmonary artery aneurysm which is a rare thing. His is 43 mm but he’s only 5 feet and about 105 lb so it’s huge for him.

      We are reaching out across the country to peds congenital heart surgeons.

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      How are his coronaries doing post tx ?
      Zakki has friends that are 26 years out post heart tx and doing well. I know the coronaries are something that is constantly checked. High blood pressure might be related to coronaries but I don’t know.

      Zakki has chest pain from his main pulmonary artery aneurysm. But he doesn’t have high blood pressure.

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      Linda Brandt

      Hi, Colleen,
      I’m Linda Brandt, to introduce myself. Yes, according to my records I have Right Bundle Branch Block but I’ve never had any serious effects from it, well, an abnormal EKG. Mine, I think, is a partial RBBB…..a nurse told me they don’t worry about them, only the complete RBBB. Also have Mitral Valve Prolapse and Chronic Respiratory Failure with hypoxia, Sleep Apnea and a few other things. Also, PH which is mild so I don’t know what caused my RBBB. Like your Cardiologist my Cardiologist doesn’t seem too concerned about it, he fusses at me for not walking enough. It’s my CRF, Doc….I can’t walk and breathe without being out of breath. Do you think, Colleen that my s.o.b, like your son’s, could be the RBBB?

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