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      Jen Cueva

      Dating is not easy for anyone. Throw in PH, and it complicates things a bit more.

      Rather you are married or single and dating, date-time is important. We need that connection and time together with our significant others.

      In my most recent column, I write about dating in honor of Date Your Mate Month in May. Have you heard of this? This year was my first to know about this. Our column’s lead shares awareness dates with us, and they are some things that I must say are new to me.

      But this one caught my eye; I am all about a date with my hubby, Manny. Dating, as I write about, does not have to be fancy. So, give it a read, and let’s talk about dating and how you can be more intentional with dating.

      Both caregivers and those of us with PH need this reminder. So, are you planning a date soon? If so, what will you do?

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      Colleen Steele

      My last date was a fake-out / take-out for our anniversary in May. You mention Starbucks and drives in your column. This was a favorite of ours especially when the boys where little. They would often fall asleep and we would enjoy quiet conversations, the weather and the scenery.

      Date nights once Cullen was diagnosed with PH and placed on IV Flolan became a lot more complicated. We never wandered too far from home. One date I will never forget…my parents were watching the boys and we went to Applebees which is about 3 minutes from our house. Just as the food was coming out Cullen called in a panic. His Flolan pump wouldn’t stop alarming after trying all the trouble shooting tricks he knew how to do. It meant he wasn’t getting his medicine.

      We had to tell the waitress we had an emergency. Brian quickly paid, we asked her to box the food and we would be back for it later.

      We had to switch pumps and call Accredo for a replacement on the other one. It of course chose date night to go bonkers.

      LOVE the picture of you and Manny in your column! You are such an adorable couple!

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      Jen Cueva

      Wow, @colleensteele, I can only imagine the panic when you had that call from Cullen. Was it difficult for you both to leave him after that? I bet the date nights were few and far between for you and Brian.

      Do you find that it is a bit easier for you both as Cullen is older and post-transplant? I would guess that, like all moms, we still worry about our kids. Post-transplant would add to that worry.

      Wow, you should write a column about that experience, as I know many other caregivers struggle to find time to date. When they do, they are always on alert.

      Starbucks and drivers and long talks are often the best at night. Yes, when KK was little, I remember the same. Although, not so sure we had Starbucks then, or maybe I was not an SBUX addict yet, lol.

      Take out-fake-outs are fun unless you are drained.

      Thanks for your kind words; I felt like I was bloated, so I almost left the pics of us out, hehe.

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc every emergency takes it’s toll but we also were use to experiencing them…in fact, just always expected they would happen. There were other date nights, not many and we were never gone for long, but we tried occasionally. It was my parents I felt sorry for. They were really upset when we got home.

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