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      Jen Cueva

      Within another topic, we found that many of us find ourselves apologizing for being ill. We are not alone; this was a common occurrence that many have shared.

      I often struggle with creating, setting, and enforcing boundaries. Do you find this to be a struggle, too?

      This is essential to those of us within the PH community to protect ourselves and our overall wellness.

      In my most recent column, I delve into this crucial but often difficult topic. I delve into this crucial but often difficult topic. If you can relate, let’s talk about this.

      Do you have any tips to help to enforce boundaries easier? What about with your close friends and other family members?

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      Roger Bliss

      Your post had me totally confused. Boundaries???? Why do I need to establish boundaries. I read you articles and figured out what was going on. Looking at profile pictures on here everyone looks like they are fairly young. I think society expects people to act their age, so to speak.

      I am old and look old…..white hair unshaven geezer. I am 68, if I grow a beard people tell me I look 20 years older.;-)……that would make me look like I am in my 90’s, but to tell the truth…..I don’t look a day over 80 with a beard. People don’t expect people that look like me to be able to do much. Which is true in many cases……stop and think about it. There are people younger than me that can’t do what I do with cancer and PAH. Most are surprised that I do what I do just because I am old….even if they don’t know about my health problems.

      I can see where it it can be rough on young people. Teenagers gotta have the worst time of it. That is an active age group.

      To be honest I don’t know what to tell younger folks with health problems. I sincerely hope you and others can find some solution to your boundaries problems. Guess I was blessed to not have any major health problems till I got old.

      Now if you wanna have some fun……..Get a white haired wig, shawl, one of those blue dresses with white pok-a-dots, support hose, make-up to make you look old, orthopedic shoes, and a cane. Then wander around town……Boy Scouts will come out of the woodwork trying to help you across the street.

      Now there is a test you can do to tell if you are old. Fall down in front of a group of people…..if they laugh, you are young, If they start rushing at you with a look of concern, you are old.


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      Jen Cueva

      LOL, @wheeldog, thanks for the laughs to start my week.

      I think that. I am older than you realize. But, I agree with your thoughts. In our society, we are not living by textbooks. However, some think that we are. As you mention, some expect older folks to be slower and sick.

      I can bet that you don’t look your age. One reason is that you continue to stay active and work. 68 is not old; it’s less young, hehe.

      Setting boundaries and saying No is an issue that many have voiced their concerns about. I never heard about creating boundaries until a few years ago.

      Thanks for the compliment6s and your thoughts on this. I need to get that wig and dress. I already have oxygen and a wheelchair for distances, LOL.

      Too often, I am told, “you’re too young to be sick”. No one wants to be sick, no matter what age they are. But as you mention, this is our society.

      For me, education and advocacy are important so others know that a rare disease loienPH can affect at any age.

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