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      Colleen Steele

      My son was just placed on a regimen of one baby aspirin once a day to protect his heart from the risk of blockages. He has never been on aspirin prior to this, not even when he had PH and co-existing heart conditions.

      Aspirin therapy reduces the clumping action of platelets and possibly reduces the risk of a heart attack.

      Has your doctor ever placed you on a daily dose of aspirin? If so, were there any side-effects while taking it? Do you believe it helped you? Share your experience.

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      @colleensteele, I’ve been on an 81mg aspirin daily since my 2nd time having pulmonary emboli a number of years ago. I’ve never had any issues with taking it, except they adjust that as well as my warfarin for certain tests. I figure, at the least, it helps with my daily aches & pains!

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @colleensteele, I have never been on aspirin but know many heart patients who have taken it daily for years. Last year when my hubby has the emergency stents, he was placed on a blood thinner and aspirin daily. Later, a few months ago, they changed him to Plavix. I read that he should not be on aspirin with that, so I asked, and they said that he could stop the aspirin.

      He had not had any issues except the massive bruises from when he took both together. He had to be careful at work because he is a diesel mechanic. He just had a virtual appointment last week and was told he might be able to stop the Plavix in November once it has been a year. Then we will need to go back to taking an aspirin daily. This is a lose-dose aspirin, 81 mg.

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      Alfred Gronroos

      Hi, I was prescribed the baby aspirin twenty years ago, a guesstimate. No problems, makes me feel like a baby again.

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      Colleen Steele

      Thank you @jenc. @dawnt and @alfredjohn for sharing your experiences with aspirin. He just transitioned to adult care but his pediatric team is allowing me to double-check with them if I have questions about changes being made by the new doctors. His pediatric doctor said their is no problem with him taking the 81mg aspirin daily.

      The only concern I have is regarding surgeries or procedures? Will this increase the chances of excessive bleeding?

      Alfred, you made me laugh…”Makes me feel like a baby again”! Well then, maybe I should be taking it too!

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      Carol Volckmann

      Hi Colleen,

      I have been on 81mg asprin for years and so has my husband even though he bleeds very easily. There are times we are asked to stop taking it before some procedures. Neither one of us has had any issues.

      I think it is always a good idea to ask before having s procedure.

      Hope you and your family are doing okay
      Some counties here in WA are either opening too soon or folkes are becoming too lax about using masks. Here in Jefferson county we are still okay nut folks are not being careful enough. Your son is always in my thoughts – you too! Stay safe and well.

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      Aunt Lizzie

      Hi Folks, I am on 100mg aspirin daily after 2 stents, but after a while the plain aspirin caused my stomach to become inflamed even at that low dose so now I take Cartia aspirin which has a coating to stop it dissolving in the stomach so no more problems. Cartia is in Australia so don’t know if US has equivalent. I seem to bruise more easily but that could be old age eh?

Viewing 6 reply threads
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