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      Colleen Steele

      Many of you in the PH community might have known or at least heard of Dr. Sean Whyman. Sean was diagnosed with PH at the age of 19. He spent 2 years thinking he would die soon and when he didn’t, he focused on his education right into medical school.

      In all honesty, I don’t know how he did it except that I’m sure it took time and patience. But it had to be challenging. I’m in awe of what he accomplished.

      Sadly, we lost Sean to PH several years ago. In my recent column I interview his mother, Evan White. She shares not just Sean’s journey with PH, but also hers, as his mother and caregiver. I hope you will take a moment to read it and reflect on your thoughts here.

      A Mother Shares How Her Son Didn’t Let PH Box Him In

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      Jen Cueva

      I am fortunate that I became PHriends of this awesome young man. Sean was certainly one of a kind and never stopped giving up on his dreams of becoming a doctor.

      , you did an exceptional job on your interview with his amazing mom, Evan. Telling Sean’s story is important as he was such a huge part of many of our lives.

      I don’t know how he did this all while managing his PH. His persistence and passion continue to inspire me.

      Thank you for sharing this and doing such a great job.

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      Roger Bliss

      That was a good article. The theme is never give up…..I like that. While he did give up for a couple of years, he kept pushing himself after. That’s a good thing

      No matter what they tell you, live your life like you are going to live forever. Live life to the fullest, the best you can. If they tell you you only have so long to live…….it’s your job to prove them wrong like Sean did. So many people just give up.

      When I was young I was on the wild reckless side of the spectrum. My mother swore I paid for the local doctors motor home from all the visits I made from being busted up. When I was 16 the doctor bet me $100 I wouldn’t live to be 18 if I didn’t cool it. Naturally I didn’t cool it. When I was 18 I went to collect on the bet. He bet me double or nothing I wouldn’t make it to 21. The doctor died before I turned 21….he was only 45 at the time. He died from all the stress he was under from working too much/hard….his chain smoking probably didn’t help him much either.

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