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      Jen Cueva

      We have discussed some medications here and the changes that we notice. The top of the list is Prednisone, which I am often on when I have bronchitis. But when talking with some PHriends, some report changes in their moods linked to their specific PH treatments.

      I never thought about this because I tend to think that my PH overall affects my moods. But, certain treatments, like IV and SubQ medications, came up most often. Others were Orenitram and Uptravi.

      Do you think that your PH medications affect your mood? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this.

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      In scrolling through the various forums I could not help but add my comments to this one regarding the wonderful Prednisone. Moderator please feel free to cut ,delete or dispose of the below in any way you feel if not appropriate.
      Now prednisone saved my eyesight ,if not my life, but OMG the side effects.
      Lead Up
      By the time I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis in 2017 I was losing sight in one eye due to explosions of white light that would hang for minutes and had all the other symptoms. Emergency gave me a dose of 125mg. Prednisone and I was sent to emergency ophthalmology who said yep your going to go blind. I was then sent into surgery for a temporal artery biopsy to confirm I had GCA. The anaesthetist told me it would involve a light anaesthetic and an artery would be cut out ,checked and sewn back in. The Ophthalmologist came in all happy had a look and said an anaesthetic would not be necessary as the temporal arteries were clear to see and a local would do. His accent clearly that of a New Zealander
      ‘Are you all right with that Terry’ he said . What!a bloody Kiwi has got it in for aussies and is going to slice a dice my head. No worries I said . Anyway he took the artery out for a look by pathology and while waiting to sew it back in
      Asked me if I was interested in the americas cup yacht race. I said I was and he asked who was I barracking for . NZ I said and he responded ,right answer ,now if you feel anything sewing the artery back in let me know. Hell what if I said USA and said I could feel it would he tell me to suck it up.
      I had GCA and was put on 100mg. Per day prednisone reducing over 18 months.
      Side effects.
      Mood Swings
      My doctor sent wife a note with the number for the nearest Police Station telling her if I became uncontrollable ring to restrain me . True.
      So I was up at 3 am every morning full of energy (hyper?) eating . My wife even caught me on my hands and knees washing the floors at 4am one time . By afternoon I was calm and happy as Larry ,couldn’t shut up and loved listening to Perry Como.
      Weight Gain
      Put on 9 kilos ,had a moon face and bull neck .
      Decision Making
      Was told not to make financial decisions whilst on mega doses . Hhmmm after 3 months at 75mg. a day bought a boat sight unseen and spent as much again on it . Seller must still be in shock.
      Skin was like tissue paper and had lots of skin tears .Even brushing against edge of wooden door would tear skin on legs or arms. Blood everywhere. Thought about doing the Roman Centurion thing and wearing red pants and shirt to hide blood as people would cone to me .’excuse me your bleeding’ I’d say thanks sorry about that. Could not use band aids as taking them off would tear skin.
      Took other drugs to counter side effects
      Bone loss , muscle loss, low iron, zero immunity .
      Free of Prednisone since Jan. 20 but on methotrexate and have blood tests every couple of months.
      Oh ,it was around six months into above treatment I started having SOB.
      So when my father in law at 95 recently told me the doc. Had put him on a wonderful drug called Prednisone for whatever I …
      Phew now I have that off my chest I’ll stop reading past posts.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @terry, what a journey! I am tired too after reading that, hehe.

      I do know the evil little pill called, Prednisone. We talked about this before in this sub-forum. Here is the link.

      I am certain that you can relate to so many of the comments.

      I am still picturing up on your hands and knees scrubbing floors at 4 AM, your poor wife; lol She is a keeper after that, right?

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      Hi Jen, I dont know where I’d be right now without her guiding hand as an ex nurse and a little prayer which for me is a rule of life,especially now . Excerpt “serenity to accept the things I cannot change ,courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference”.

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