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      Colleen Steele

        Every year the four of us in my family would each pick a pumpkin and together we would sit around our kitchen table and carve them. Every year participation in this tradition became more and more difficult for my son who had PH. Pumpkin carving actually takes a lot of energy and it would knock the wind and energy right out of my son. As his PH progressed even just pulling the guts out became exhausting. We would all dig in and help him of course but I remember every year feeling emotional as I watched him struggle to try and complete a pumpkin on his own.

        It such a simple pleasure that many take for granted this time of year. Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween and if so, how does your PH stand up to the task?


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        Hey Colleen,
        So sorry to hear about your son having such difficulty. Is he able to do it with more ease now? Definitely one of those things that people take for granted until they CAN’T do it anymore or have trouble with doing it. I always had trouble with carving pumpkins and would literally break into a sweat trying to do it and keep up with my sisters. I was always the better artist in the family so we decided that I would paint the pumpkins instead and make them into cool designs and then my sisters would be in charge of the carving. I enjoyed the pumpkin seeds though especially with some cinnamon sugar on them! Those were always my favorite snack. I just found things that I knew I COULD do well and that made me happy.

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          Colleen Steele

            Yes, he has no trouble carving pumpkins now. We always bought those books with designs to select from which helped his participation. A lot of times he would poke the design out on the pumpkin then his dad would do the carving for him.

            We love the pumpkin seeds too but I never thought of putting cinnamon and sugar on them! We always covered our in kosher salt. I love cinnamon but I’m allergic to it so I wouldn’t be able to try it but maybe I’ll make a batch this way for my guys on Halloween. Thanks for the idea!

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              You should definitely try that way! It’s the best! That is terrible that you’re allergic to cinammon. There are so many recipes out there that have hints of cinnamon in them. I’m sure you have to be careful when you eat dinner out and stuff.

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          Colleen Steele

            Yeah, I love cinnamon but it doesn’t love me. It gives me debilitating migraines – the kind where I lose my vision and throw up from the pain. Sometimes even just smelling it will make me sick. I’ll tell my husband to try your recipe and I’ll just hang out upstairs while they make them. It sounds like something they would love.

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              The throwing up from it and the migraine symptoms definitely aren’t worth it! Stay away! Just use something like salt on them. If you’re a powdered sugar fan you can always add that to make ot a little sweet. Or cocoa powder! I’m full of tips on sweets!

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            Jen Cueva

              I came across this topic and thought it was perfect as we venture into Fall. How many of you will carve pumpkins? Does it exhaust you?

              I have not carved a pumpkin in several years. I have fake ones that I set out. That reminds me, I have yet to do that. I usually thing anytime after October 1st is time to decorate for the Fall season. My dining table is decorated, but nothing on my entryway yet. What about y’all?

              And of course, I have the cutest Fall top that I am wearing today to get my MRI. @colleensteele. <3

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              Colleen Steele

                I’m so happy @jenc that you received it in time for your MRI…just to cheer you up a bit.

                As I mentioned in the post last year, pumpkin carving was hard on Cullen. He always seemed to lack the energy and the breath to do it.

                But to be honest, as much as I love Fall pumpkin carving has never been my favorite thing to do. As a child my job was to scoop out the gunk and separate the seeds which we would bake…that I kind of liked doing for some weird reason. But when I got older and could carve I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

                When I had my boys we did always reserve a night of carving and I really enjoyed watching them and their dad create theirs but seldom did I make my own. Also love them lit up on my porch.

                So if anyone struggles when carving pumpkins, you can still enjoy the tradition without having to partake in that part of it.

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                Aunt Lizzie

                  Hi Everyone – It gave me a smile reading all your posts on pumpkin carving. Here in Australia Halloween is only a very recent thing to do, so it was never in my childhood, but just thought I’d give you a smile. We have several different varieties of pumpkin for eating on sale here. One is called Queensland Blue. It has a steel grey skin and is often the cheapest, but while very good eating, I never buy it. Why? I discovered very early on that it’s life-threatening to try and cut into it. Think steel-grey – think steel. It is so hard you have to chase it around the kitchen with a very sharp knife as it slides out from under you as you exert more pressure. I buy the dear little butternut pumpkin now. Have fun.

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                  Jen Cueva

                    Yes, thanks, @colleensteele; I love it so much and will think of you and your family each time I wear it.

                    I did not recall Britt sharing to roast the pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and sugar. Interesting because I do this with pecans. That is when I can find them not crazy expensive. I now want a pumpkin to carve. My creative skills are lacking, so it was never my favorite thing. When my daughter was young, I watched as she and her dad did the carvings and decorating. I usually made Halloween themed snacks and cleaned up their mess, lol.

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                    Jen Cueva

                      Hehe @auntlizzie, I can picture you running around the kitchen with your knife chasing the pumpkins. Thanks for sharing your experience with Halloween in Australia. Great laugh and perfect for a Friday read!

                      How are you doing? I have not seen you much?

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