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      Brittany Foster

      In the Fall and Winter months it starts getting a lot darker earlier. This is something that really used to have an impact on my mental health. Someone in our forums recently mentioned Seasonal Affective disorder or (SAD) which happens with the change of seasons. People can become more depressed and their overall mood gets impacted by the season change. For me, this has a lot to do with the fact that it gets darker a lot earlier and there isn’t as much sun during the day. My mental health takes a toll when I can’t get outside as much as I would like to. My brain begins to think that it is time for bed at just 6:00 because of how dark it gets.

      I know we have talked about how the change in seasons impacts mental health, but it was a good topic to be added to the conversation when talking about seasons and the difference of sunlight with daylight savings time just around the corner.

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      Colleen Steele

      I was just thinking about this Brittany! I find the darker days difficult to adjust to. I find it effects my energy and ambition to get things done. It might only be 6PM and still time left in the day to do some things around the house or run an errand, but because it’s dark my mind tells me it’s time to shut down for the night.

      This weekend my youngest asked me to watch a movie with him but I said it was too late to start one. He was like, “Um, mom, it’s only 7PM.” LOL, it felt so much later!

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        Brittany Foster

        I feel the same way. The two kiddos that I babysit for on a few days of the week were at a park with me yesterday and were playing and then all of a sudden it was around 6:00 and it really started to get dark out quickly. It always seems to happen just in time for the kids for Halloween and Trick or Treating. But it does impact my motivation through the day. I easily feel like the day is over when there’s still time left in it. I start to feel down on myself when I seem less productive.

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          Colleen Steele

          As I’ve mentioned before, I’m like a big kid when it comes to Halloween. That is the one time I’m grateful it gets dark early. I always thought trick-or-treating (with an adult) was always most fun in the dark. Plus, some of my decorations that light up are enjoyed more then. Like I said…big goofy kid!

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      Robin Webster

      It does bring me down. Actually for me, it starts with Labor Day weekend. Never did like that signal of the end of summer. Where I work we had been staying open until 5, but in the past year we’ve transitioned that to a 4 p.m. closing, and that is making a big difference for me. Something about leaving work in the dark really makes me feel kind of blue.

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        Brittany Foster

        I can totally understand that about your work and I’m sure you aren’t alone in feeling that way. The 9 to 5 jobs are pretty hard especially for that reason. It’s like you wake up to work and then by the time you’re home and get things done around the house it’s already bed time. I can see why so many people end up staying up later than they should just to get some things accomplished. It can feel like a lot !

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      Jen Cueva

      So true, Britany. AS I mentioned to you on another post, I will be ready for bed by 6-7 PM at the latest when the time change takes effect. I will be in PJs and fuzzy socks wrapped up in my blanket.

      SAD is certainly something that can affect many with PH. I think those who are able to get outdoors and stuck indoors it affects even more. This is not uncommon in the Fall and Winter months.

      I remember working @robin-webster back before PH. Driving home in the dark was always tough. I remember when my daughter was young and went to after-school care. She would start asking where I was once it started getting dark. I had to remind her that it was not late and that I would not forget her, Hehe

      Adjusting to less daylight can take a toll mentally on everyone, I think.

      Is there anyone here that does not have any problems with Daylight savings? I think my StepDad is the only person that I know that is not affected.

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