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      Colleen Steele

      Have you experienced extreme skin reactions to the supplies used for dressing changes? What are some of the tricks and/or products you have found work best for you in controlling skin breakdown?

      My son has very sensitive skin and a serious allergy to Tegaderm. He has been asked if he can use it for a short time and the answer is a big NO! Just moments after it touches his skin a serious rash or skin breakdown develops that can last days. When he had a central line for 6 years what worked best for him is Primapore. One problem is hospitals don’t often have it on hand so we always made sure to bring it with us. The other issue is if an IV is placed or he has a picc line then the hospital doesn’t want to use Primapore because they can’t see through it. In this care he uses IV3000 which sometimes causes minor irritation but not as serious.

      He can’t use Chlorhexidine either so instead he rely’s on Betadine and simple saline. The wipes they give you to wash up with prior to surgery has Chlorhexidine in them so he can’t use those either. The Silverlon is supposed to be an option for people allergic to the Biopatch but he actually has a worse reaction to it. He was able to tolerate the Biopatch for the most part but whenever his skin needed a break from it we had permission to create a chevron with tape for temporary support. Not ideal but sometimes very necessary!

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