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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Do you have an emotional support animal or pet that helps you cope with your disease?

      Taking care of my dog gives me purpose and structure to my day. I cuddle with her when I’m not feeling well physically or emotionally. Yesterday I had a stomach ache and she served as a heating pad. Laying in bed with her feels less like I’m wasting my day because I know I’m making her feel good.

      Please share stories about the animals in your life that bring you joy!

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      Brittany Foster

      This makes me miss my dog so much ! We had him for 18 years. Whenever I was sick or not feeling well it was as if he knew and would sit next to me closer than usual. He wasn’t trained as a medical or emotional support animal but I feel that all pets provide emotional support ! I hope to get another dog in the future and would definitely want to look into getting it as a medical support dog. I wonder what the process is for this ! Anyone have any insight ?

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      Beverly Repouille

      I have cats and they most certainly know when I am not feeling well. They will all come and cuddle up with me or next to me.

      I looked online regarding your question, Brittany. There are lots out there. Here is a PDF from the government that gives lots of information an explains the difference between different types of service or emotional support animals. It’s all very interesting, but especially from #13 on down. HUGS!

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      Brittany Foster

      Wow Beverly !
      Thank you for finding this information for me. That is so helpful. I really appreciate you doing the research. I love cats too! I wish I didn’t well up with tears from allergies when I cuddles too much with them. I had a cat growing up too and would love to pet him and have him lay with me (even though my eyes blew up the next morning ! Wish I could get rid of the allergy because cats are very comforting to me too. My aunt has a cat without hair (super creepy!!!!)

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      Beverly Repouille

      🙂 You are most welcome, my friend!

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