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      Kathleen Sheffer


      For many patients with pulmonary hypertension, working a traditional job is not an option. Between unpredictable absences, shortness of breath, and fatigue, working any job consistently can be quite challenging, if not impossible.

      However, many PHers find non-traditional ways to earn money on a flexible schedule.

      A couple of my PHriends have Etsy shops where they sell enamel pins and other crafts with their original designs.
      Check out Kayla’s PHantastic Jewelry, Kendra’s Creatures Of and Jenny’s MostPulp if you’re interested!

      I think it’s great that they each turned their talents and hobbies into small businesses. Do you have any creative pastimes that could be turned into a business venture? Have you ever tried something like this?

      Do you know of any other PHers with Etsy shops? I’d love to support them and give them a shoutout!

      Have you found any alternative ways to earn money while living with PH?

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      Jessica Kiser

      I work from home, but I also have a side business selling T-shirt’s. Actually right now, I designed a shirt for PH Awareness month. My website is

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        Kathleen Sheffer

        OMG, Jessica, these shirts are adorable! I’m going to order one!

        GUYS, LOOK:
        heavy breathing shirt

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      Brittany Foster

      Hey Kathleen,
      Awesome topic! I think having a hobby that you can do to help you feel better but at the same time making some extra income would be grest. The side job I have is working as a nanny but I was also thinking of designing my own shirts with my favorite quotes. Or mugs/water holders/etc. Also I really want to create sleeves for my tanks to dress them up and start up a business.

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      Vanessa Vaile

      Yes! Let’s support these efforts — another fun (phun) way to promote PH in social media. Please note that @jessica-kiser has a Facebook page and an Instagramm account for Honey Puns. Totally optional, we can support member and PH associated social media by following and sharing.

      , 💜 your idea for tank sleeves. Any way to call them “tank tops” or would that be another creative project?

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        Kathleen Sheffer

        As usual, loving your attitude, Vanessa! I’m enjoying the Honey Puns Instagram feed.

        Tank Tops is a great idea! Brittany is still hospitalized at the moment, but dreaming up new tank designs is probably a great distraction. What designs would you want to see on an oxygen tank?

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        Brittany Foster

        I love the name !!! I need to figure out how to make them, my mom and I were actually thinking about taking a sewing class to learn how to make something like that. I’d love ALL designs. I have designed a few of my own and decorated my tank for weddings and people really love it. I’ve wrapped flower garland around the sleeve that I put over it and they end up coming out so cool. It’s a way to have some fun with what we’re dealt with!

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      Amy Peeples

      @brittany-foster you should definitely do the t shirt thing . Your very witty . I love your sense of humor .

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        Brittany Foster

        Thanks Amy !
        I’ll have to think up some clever quotes. My mom’s great friends own a t-shirt making business so I could always ask them for some help with it! 🙂 . I want one that is like the 50 shades of Grey movie and on the front it says “Fifty Shades of Blue” and On the Back says “The Doctor will see you now” instead of “Mr. Grey will see you now” hahahaha. Literally laughing out loud! Who wants one? #ad

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      Amy Peeples

      And not t shirts .. design cute shirts with side boob lol .

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