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     Jen Cueva 

    I know that many of our guys here are fathers, so I just wanted to take a minute to wish y’all a Happy Father’s Day! I hope that y’all can enjoy your day.

    I know often that Father’s Day can be an emotional one, either for patients who may not be able to be a father due to PH and other illnesses, or maybe you are still mourning the loss of a father. I hope that y’all can find some way to celebrate this day.

    Just remember that there are many people who also are struggling today as maybe they never had a father figure growing up, maybe they had a distant relationship with their father, but we all have some men have impacted our lives in some way!

    I am blessed to have my Daddy who is still alive and my Stepfather, both who have impacted my life in so many ways. Although they are in other states, I can still call them and thank them for the many things that they have instilled in me.

    Who can you celebrate today? Maybe you would like to share a funny story or a lesson you were taught by your father or another man in your life.

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     Brittany Foster 

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you for this post. I’m clearly not a father, but I support all the great dads out there who keep trying even when it gets difficult. I know my sisters and I are far from easy and my dad did a heck of a job being outnumbered by woman all his life ! We had a male dog in the house to keep him company for the times when he had to have long walks with him to get out of the house hahahaha . Definitely too many hormones in the Foster household.

    For Father’s Day yesterday we went to a great cookout. There is a park near us that people can rent out lots and set up tents and have a big cookout party. We did that with my family and my boyfriend’s family. I was also able to enjoy some food with everyone which felt really great! The medication I’m on seems to be helping with some of the spasm pain in the esophagus I was feeling so that’s a plus ! Love being able to actually be able to eat SOMETHING even if it’s not the cheeseburger yet. Improvements are improvements and need to be recognized.

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       Jen Cueva 

      Brittany, coming from a family with 3 girls, I’m sure that my Daddy and Stepdad both felt outnumbered on more than a few occasions, lol

      These fathers definitely need recognition and love to show just how much we do appreciate them. Man, I know that myself and my sisters’ names were on many grey hairs of our fathers. Hehe

      It sounds like y’all had a great cookout at the park. I hope the weather was nice. I’m so HAPPY to hear that you were able to enjoy some food with the family. I hope that you’ll continue to have positive results with the spasm medication.

      Yes, any and all improvements definitely should be recognized!

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         Brittany Foster 

        3 girls in your family too ? Did you have any brothers? My family just has the 3 girls . We always joked about needing our own reality show when we were growing up. Instead of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reality show it would be something like “Feuding with the Fosters” hahaha!!!

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         Jen Cueva 

        Haha, I love, “ Feuding with the Fosters” …yes, it’s us three girls , definitely feuding as well.

        We do have a half brother but we don’t claim him and didn’t grow up with him in our house. Sorry,if that comes off a little harsh.

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