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      Brittany Foster

      Recently, a member was talking about using a hot tub. I always LOVED hot tubs and going in them when I was younger. Before I started to develop more signs and symptoms of my heart condition and PH, I started to get more sensitive to being in the hot water, whether it was a hot bath, hot shower, or going in a hot tub. I read an article from the Cleveland Clinic about the topic of hot tubs and heart health and if this is safe for those with heart conditions.

      The link to the article is here: … Have you talked with your medical team about the safety of hot tubs and using them? What have your doctors advised when it comes to making sure you are safe?

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      My cardiologists have said to stay away from extremes in heat like hot tubs. The heat puts too much strain on the heart. It can raise your heart rate and drops your blood pressure. The same would go for steam rooms and saunas. In addition My Immunologist and Infectious Disease docs said that someone who is immunocompromised is just begging for a MRSA infection if they jump in a hot tub. Ah the good old days.

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      Brittany Foster

      I haven’t thought about the possibility of infection. But your doctor is certainly correct with advising against it, especially because of that drop in blood pressure and therefore increase in heart rate to try to balance out the low blood pressure. That would be enough to make me pass out right in the hot tub! Best to stay away and take the precaution seriously. Have you ever had a MRSA infection before? I had one for the first time a few years ago and it was terrible!

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      Gayle Meagher

      I just heard not to get the water too hot. I keep my shoulders above water and drink water. I love the infrared sauna that gets real hot. I don’t do it too much anymore. If I do I cut the temp down and only stay 10-15 min. I used to stay in 45min at 140 degrees. That was some good sweat/detox!!! I miss it.

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      Brittany Foster

      There is actually a spa near me that offers this along with a salt room for a detox. But I am wondering how safe that would even be for those with heart conditions or those with lung conditions like PH? It is an area called a floating room too where you are basically in the water for a certain amount of time with total peace and quiet just you and the water. Kind of claustrophobic if you ask me, but I bet it would be relaxing for some!

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      Yes I have been warned not to get in them long. I have always loved hot tubs and a hot bath. As a kid my parents would just tell me to only sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes at a time and get out if I feel badly. I get very light headed and sleepy if I stay too long and I can feel the blood pulsing through my veins.

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      Colleen Steele

      Hi @libby. It’s good to hear from you. My son could not use hot tubs when he had PH because it affected his breathing. As it turns out, he isn’t allowed to use them post-transplant either, or at least definitely not the wooden kinds. They can carry a certain type of bacteria that pose a danger to transplanted lungs.

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      Stephen Fischer

      I keep my HT @ 103 degrees F, and use it daily. My pulmonologist is aware that I use it and has not advised against. I wear a smart watch and monitor my Heart Beat, which stays around 80 BPM while soaking. I only stay abuot 20 minutes.

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      Jennifer Beaty

      Hot tubs? I have a hard enough time getting my shower without worrying about getting my sub-q site wet. The hydro-seal doesn’t keep out all of the water. So how could anyone sit in a bath tub or hot tub? Am I missing something? Thanks!


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      My husband said that he cannot refuse from taking a tub. He put so much love into our bathroom, it took him a month two choose a perfect tub. Though he takes it with his watch on to control the heartbeat.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @stillc, is that the hot tub that you have? I have a soaker tub and love hot or very warm soaks. It helps my leg pains some.

        I have heard that it depends on the PH doctor. My PH doc says no, but I know others who are OK with hot tubs as long as you limit the time and not use the hottest setting.

        Casey, so did y’all check with his PH doctor?

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      Colleen Steele

      @stillc that is wise of your husband to monitor his heartbeat while in the tub. As @jenc mentioned, he should check with his doctor about the hot tub use. His doctor might have other concerns to watch out for while bathing.

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