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      Brittany Foster

      I know that many with PH have had the 6 minute walk test, including myself. I have also had different variations of this with pedaling a stationary bike and having my oxygen levels, heart rate, and lung function monitored for breathing patterns. This last visit yesterday at my PH clinic, they did the 3 minute step test. I was really short of breath after as they monitored my lung function with activity, oxygen levels, and heart rate. Within that short amount of time my oxygen dropped in the mid 80s. I was able to complete the test but not without shakiness afterwards and a hard time getting my breath and feeling some strength back in my body.

      This test made me realize the importance of wearing my oxygen with any level of activity that I’m doing. My doctor told me that it is most likely due to the filling of the heart and the output not being enough with the activity that I’m doing to give the cells the oxygen that it needs.

      I am curious if there are others who had this test done called the 3 minute step test? What were your oxygen levels like during this test? Did you feel symptomatic after or during it?

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      Colleen Steele

      This is new to me. I’m very familiar with the 6 minute walk but never heard of the 3 minute step test. Does this involve walking or actually walking up or down steps?

      I only remember my son ever having done the 6 minute walk with PH. Post-transplant he is still required to do the 6 minute walk and a cardiac exercise test either on a treadmill or bike once a year.

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        Brittany Foster

        It is a small step stool (just one step) with a side to hold onto that you just do 2 feet up and 2 feet back down for 3 minutes and it measures your oxygen levels, lung capacity (with the breathing piece in your mouth) and the heart rate. It is a good indication for what is going on with increased activity and measures more of your vital signs not just how far your can go (like with the 6 minute walk). It was really tiring though and I ended up feeling very shaky after. It was disappointing but I know it helped to give my doctors more information to better treat me and come up with some medication to help things hopefully function better.

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      I have done this at Mayo in Jacksonville. They used a program called SHAPE (or some other acronym) that tests CO2. I tried it at a PH Convention because the PH Facility I was seeing wasn’t listening or helping me. Because of this test, it showed my probelms were on the heart side. I was beginning to develop Right Side Heart Failurethay wasn’t being recognized! So at least I wasn’t crazy anymore! I looked for a PH facility that specifically used this software; Mayo PH Facilities at the time did! It is not the end all, be all though…

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      Brittany Foster

      Hi Tamara,
      Wow that is actually great that you were able to get this data from that test. My testing showed different patterns in my lung capacity during the testing and retention of co2 as well. That retention can end up causing some damage and just leaves you feel tired and lethargic. What did they end up doing for you after getting the test results? It is kind of comforting to know that you have a reason for your symptoms and that it’s not all in your head !

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