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     Brittany Foster 

    Lately, I have been needing to use more oxygen. Usually I carry smaller tanks in a backpack, but at a liter flow of 3 to 4 liters with exertion, it’s getting to be too cumbersome to carry around 4 tanks with me. As much as I don’t like pulling the larger tanks, they last about 4 hours and I don’t need to worry about running out as quickly. I love the fact that I can hide my smaller tank in a backpack and make it somewhat fashionable when I wear it. I have been challenging myself to do the same for the larger tanks that I pull.

    Tomorrow I am going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and the girls from the wedding party helped me decorate my tank today and I LOVE IT! I used wrap that you would get at a craft store that people use to make bows with. It was great because it took the shape of the tank as I wrapped it and I just held it together with some hot glue and packaging tape ( tape is barely visible). I wrapped the tank in the gold wrap and bought rose flower garland, draped it down the tank and hot glued it to the wrap so that it didn’t stick to the metal. It looks so awesome and I can’t wait to show it off!

    It motivates me to decorate the tank for other occasions too. With Halloween coming up and the holiday season, I think I will see what else I can find at the craft store to make it dressed up and add some excitement to having to wheel it around!

    Have you ever decorated your tank to add some excitement and glam to your o2 ? What have you used for crafts? How can you make wearing oxygen or wheeling oxygen a little more “fun” ?

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     Dori Herrick 

    I love that you decorated your tank. đź’•
    I attended a family wedding last year, and hid my tank on the ground behind me for photos. The green does seem to clash with everything! I was thinking yesterday, it would be neat to be able to knit or sew a cover that would slip over it, to make it a little more attractive.

    I always dreamed of getting some bicycle handles which wrap around the back, then making “flames” out of colored plastic to make a jet-pack for Halloween. I am on the big tanks now, so can’t do it. Would love a pic if anyone does!

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       Brittany Foster 

      I LOVEEE the jetpack idea !!! I’d wear it like that all the time if I was creative enough to know how to do that to my backpack. My mom and I were thinking of creating some slip covers for it out of fabric. I need to take some sewing lessons I think because I am NOT crafty at all! Knitting or sewing a cover would also be a great idea and a way to add some fashion to it. Are you on instagram? My account is “ohtheplaceso2willgo” if you look it up you can see a picture of how I decorated it ! @kathleen-sheffer do you know how to add the image so I can post a picture of it?

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     Melainie Garcia 

    I once dressed my tank up for Halloween. She was Bat Girl. I found a Bat Girl like mask, a 3-6 month old onesie that was pink and had the Bat Girl symbol on it. I added a pink leopard skirt and a pair of shoes. The kids loved it. If I can find the time and the energy, I want to do it again this year. But I want to be a ‘matched’ pair.

    I have also dressed AirReal in 3-6 month old baby onesies just to make her cuter. The tanks are UGLY. A dermatologist that I saw loved seeing her dressed up. He had a good laugh about it.

    It is fun to do. I haven’t done it for a while.

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       Brittany Foster 

      SUCH A GOOD IDEA with the onesies ! that must have looked awesome !!! I am definitely going to be dressing mine up for Halloween. Dressing it up at the wedding I went to last night was a real hit and I’m going to another wedding in November and will be decorating it for that too! Have to think of a good costume for it for Halloween! I need to learn to sew so I could make fabric slip covers for it !

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