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      Brittany Foster

      A question from one of our recent members was brought to my attention today. Hearing about other’s experiences with different treatments, may make others feel less alone in what they are going through. In our members own words,

      “I was diagnosed with PAH earlier this year and have been on subq since. I tend to develop rash underneath and around the site which ended up lifted the catheter tape and had to change site and go through the 10 day pain all over again as well. I was told the rash was due to the allergy reaction to the iV3000 and the skin barrier wipe. I now cover my site with just graze and paper tape. I also use paper tape around the catheter tape to keep it in place as long as possible. The rash is less severe. Anyone has the same problem or suggestions on relieving
      rash being developed? I use lidocaine patch and meds for the pain.”

      Unfortunately, this isn’t the first member that has mentioned this type of rash from their site. Have others experienced a rash and if so, what are some things that you have done or been told to do to help relieve this?

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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Hey Brittany!

      While I was never on a subcutaneous pump, I did have issues with rashes around my broviac catheter while on Flolan (and later Remodulin). My skin is very sensitive so I had a lot of issues with reactions to the Tegaderm bandages covering my site. I went through literally years of trying different bandages and sterilization procedures before I found something that worked. The bandage that worked best for me was a Primapore bandage I got from Accredo. I also stopped using alcohol on the site and switched to just betadine swabs and saline wipes. I used a very strong fabric tape – Hypafix brand – for my “safety loop” so that if the catheter gets pulled on the tape takes the brunt of it. For the most part, my skin didn’t react to this combination.

      Hope this helps someone!

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