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     Colleen Steele 

    Other than the occasional discomfort and inconvenience of using supplemental oxygen my son never experienced significant complications from it’s use.

    I’ve learned recently that some people experience more problematic symptoms from frequent use of oxygen. For example, a forum member recently shared that the force of air over time has caused huge holes in her nose. I have heard of people developing sores in the nose but not actual holes. I was wondering if there are others who have experienced this?

    The link to the column below mentions that in extreme cases some people may develop lung damage or a condition known as pulmonary oxygen toxicity. It can also cause damage to the eyes. I’m not familiar with these symptoms or have known anyone who has experienced them. If you have, please share with the forum.


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     Brittany Foster 

    Hi Colleen,
    I haven’t experienced anything like this personally, but I have a friend who had trouble with her red blood cell count and her doctor’s said that it was because of her oxygen use. She had to get frequent infusions to help with balancing out her levels because she needed to be on oxygen. Also , I remember my oxygen supply company telling me that I had to always make sure to clean my mask on both my bipap and the oxygen cannula and mask when I used it. It helped to prevent things like mold and getting lung infections like pneumonia etc from a dirty mask or cannula. You don’t think about all the times you actually touch your cannula through the day and all the places your hands probably have touched that aren’t super clean. Definitely makes you think!

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