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      Brittany Foster

      This topic might be more for the women with PH, but if men have had their hormone levels tested for various reasons they are welcome to join in on the conversation too! I am bringing up this topic because there has been some connections with low or high levels of certain hormones effecting breathing, respiration, lung function, etc. I was part of a study awhile back that looked at these factors. Recently I have been having strange symptoms including severe night sweats, irregular periods (even though I had both ovaries and tubes removed for medical reasons).

      I saw an endocrinologist specializing in women and reproduction and they were curious of whether or not I still had part of my ovary left and if it was producing hormones. I have been on an estrogen patch assuming that I didn’t have the hormones in my body but have had irregularities and some difficult symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, night sweats and shortness of breath. Today I had my hormone levels checked including estrogen, progesterone, and FSH hormones and a few more.

      I am wondering if other women have experiences these symptoms and have your doctors talked with you about hormone testing? Especially if your symptoms are around the time of your period or if you are experiencing changes in your cycle due to menopause or other reasons? Share your story here.

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