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      Jen Cueva

      PH is complicated to treat, which is no secret. The biggest obstacle, I think, is that we respond differently to the treatments. But, if your PH team suggests something you are unsure of, do you reach out to another PH doctor for a second opinion?

      With my recent issues with Adempas, I sought out a second opinion. I contacted my previous PH specialist that took care of me for 10 years. He is more like a friend now, so we chatted, and he offered his suggestion. Once I heard his suggestion, we decided to try Adempas at half the dose for a week or two.

      For me, it gave me more confidence in making the decision. He also reminded me that no decision is set in stone, and I could change my mind if this continues to be more hassle than good.

      Have you in the past thought about or obtained a second opinion for PH? If so, how did it go?

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc fortunately we never had to seek a 2nd opinion but I don’t think I would have hesitated if I felt the need.

      I know Adempas has been a challenging journey for you and I’m so happy to hear you sought a 2nd opinion, and from someone you know and trust. Even thought it’s not problem solved yet, you must be feeling a little less stressed having received that advise from your former specialist.

      I keep praying the best treatment and dosage gets figured out for you soon.

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks, @colleensteele. You are such a kind and supportive friend.

      Knowing that my old PH doc was on board to try Adempas at a lower dosage did help. We are still not yet decided if I will stay on it. I am for this week; then we will reevaluate.

      I appreciate the love and prayers.

      I’ve advocated for years, telling others to obtain a 2nd or 3rd opinion if needed. I think with a rare disease like PH; we must feel secure in our decisions.

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