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      Colleen Steele

      A great way to fit in some non-stressful exercise is swimming. However, if you have a central line, picc line, etc., then swimming is probably not an option unless you have a dry suit. We purchased a few of these for my son as a child through Hammond in the UK. It was the best gift ever for a little kid who wanted to swim with his friends.

      I’m curious if any adults have made use of the dry suits? How did you maintain yours? We always had issues with the zippers breaking over time. One of the times this happened was during heart camp, which was so disappointing for my son. If not a dry suit have you used something else so that you can enjoy the water?

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      Jen Cueva

      New member @arfrasco is looking for information to help her dad. He has always enjoyed water activities and has been looking for ways to do this safely since transitioning to a Remodulin subQ pump.

      She asked, “Has anyone had any luck swimming with a pump?”

      My first thought was a drysuit, and I found this older post where Colleen shared this post before. I want to know if any adults using a pump tried a drysuit? I know a few in my years with PH. But PH kids have been more than a few.

      When I searched on Google, I found many drysuits for sale for adults. But again, I have no experience with this.

      Please share your suggestions.

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