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      Jen Cueva

        We have discussed the pros and cons of vaccinations for COVID since we first heard they were getting them ready. The US seems to have a high percentage of residents vaccinated or had one shot thus far.

        What about our members outside the US experiencing while trying to get vaccinated? How are things going for you, and what is different? Let’s talk about this.

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          Here in Australia with a population of 26 mil. only 1.8 have had their shot. Since March 20 we have had a total of 910 deaths of which 820 were in one city who decided they knew best when enforced hotel quarantine for overseas arrivals was mandated.
          The roll out has been pretty slow because
          Lack of urgency by the Government and public.
          Only two vaccines purchased . Pfiser ,not available yet, and Astrazeneca. Locally produced vaccines comes online month end.
          The EU halting our supply due to their urgency for more vaccines
          Fear of blood clots by oldies who are ill-informed.

          Being an island continent we have been able to effectively close our borders and have reduced locally acquired cases to zero nationwide by the mandatory wearing of masks and lockdowns when required. At present there are no draconian regulations and life is almost back to before 2020. There is now a travel bubble between Aust. and NZ. Misses and me, or is it I , have had our first shots.
          No big deal.

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            Sorry, Must correct above. Masks are mandatory in airports and on planes.

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            Jen Cueva

              Thanks for sharing your experience there, @terry. I hope that you and “the misses” get your second dose without any issues.

              I hope that your areas continue to have lower counts. The borders staying locked certainly impacts that, I am sure.

              Since you mention the halt of supplies, when do you expect to get the second shot?

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                G’Day Jen, second shot is mid july for both of us.
                Some people jump up and down over the severe lockdowns and international travel restrictions but having had only 910 deaths in thirteen months and a revived economy despite China’s embargoes they are not getting much airplay.

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                Diana Shirley

                  Ok let’s bring Australian info up to date

                  our vaccination role out was late due to government mismanagement. Now in Feb 2022 92% of adults are vaccinated. There are places we can’t enter without 2 shots and many many workplaces. 0nly 32% Australians have had 3rd shot. Probably because it so far isn’t mandatory. We have only been vaccinating kids for a few months but now they are rushing to get their jabs before school year start in February. There is no political or religious divide here re vaccinations. My Dr has suggested I am eligible for a fourth shot because of my health. I think he’s wrong but if I can get a 4th needle it’s “hi guys here’s my arm!”  All our movement restrictions are coming down. We can’t keep Omicron out it is extraordinarily contagious. New Zealand similar story. Nearly all the people in intensive care are unvaccinated. We have a minority antivaccers United by nonsensical and contradictory social media. Some people believe it’s a money driven conspiracy. (Every government in the whole world United in peddling misinformation) I think every state still has masks mandatory on public transport and under roofs – except the home.  There is only a sprinkling of people here exempt on medical grounds. Certainly not lung disease we need any protection from Delta. Much more Omicron than Delta here and Omicron affects the throat more than lungs. Who knows what the next variant will be. I hope this is inreresting and informative  it’s hard to cover everything  stay safe everyone  Go get that jab if you haven’t yet


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                    Jen Cueva

                      Hi @sandy2gmail, thanks for your update on the Aussies. When I hear of places like this, I think we here in the US are failing. Last I tread, we were almost 80% vaccinated.

                      Here in California, we are not mandated to wear masks indoors. I’m uncertain if any other states require masks, at this time. I hear that HY did, but their mandate was different than CA.

                      Unfortunately, those who continue to be unvaccinated are either anti-vaccines or have some health or religious beliefs and will not get the vaccines. I do hope that some of these will start their vaccine process soon. I have not heard if I should get the 4th shot yet. But I know a few who have mentioned this on social media.

                      You are correct; many places are being misinformed. All we can do is try and protect ourselves and our loved ones as best as we can.

                      How are you doing lately? It’s been a while since I’ve seen your post.

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