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      Jen Cueva

        Numerous individuals in the PH community struggle with anxiety occasionally. Frequently, anxiety’s impact on my body surpasses my physical symptoms.

        From May 15-21, we observe Mental Health Awareness Week, focusing on this year’s theme: anxiety. It’s crucial to remember that mental well-being is as vital as physical health, despite lingering social stigmas. We must reevaluate our approach to mental health and treat it with the care it deserves.

        How can others offer support when you or your loved ones struggle with anxiety?

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        Jen Cueva

          My recent column is also about anxiety and Mental Health Awareness Month. I share some of my strategies and how together we can be a powerful force in managing anxiety.

          You can read it at the link below, and let’s talk about this. What other strategies can you share?

          Together we can be a powerful force to manage anxiety

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            I handle mine with deep breathing exercises or going for a walk.

            Bryan we handle a bit differently and check all his vitals and or check both sides for any sudden weakness  (such as having him squeeze both hands etc) that I do pretty regularly since his stroke.. and when all that is done it typically slows his anxiety … I know for sure it passes if he goes and takes a nap .. if that doesn’t work I offer him a massage and then he always naps! haha

            We also regularly do things to prevent anxiety from taking over like camping, just connecting with nature, and sometimes meditation and stretching. But anyone who has heard me in here knows my Garden and Greenhouse or watching my little birds flitting around are my biggest fastest relief of stress and anxiety.  Although this year my extra time has been holding little blessings called grandbabies and that is like 10 outta 10 best preventative thing ever! LOL

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              Jen Cueva

                Hi @kygon, yes, my strategies for anxiety are much different than Manny’s. He can go cycling, to the gym, or walk with Zoe.

                We do spend time together outdoors, and that helps too. Being surrounded by nature and fresh beach air. Lately, I’ve woken up to the beautiful song of birds. That is often a boost and reminds me that Spring is here.

                I bet those grandbabies this year will help your and Bryan’s anxiety. You can’t be anxious with those precious cuddles and baby scents.

                Thanks for sharing, Ky. <3

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              Colleen Steele

                @jenc the guided meditation you offer in the column sounds manageable and hopeful too!

                It reminds me of not so much a meditation but relaxation technique a therapist taught me many decades ago but I still practice. When I go to bed and my mind is racing I lay very still and start picturing my body, one part at a time, slowly sinking into the mattress as if I’m on a cloud. When I do it right I sometimes fall asleep before I am finished.

                My son Aidan swears by exercise. When anxiety is getting the best of him he either goes for a run or hits the gym. For Cullen and I we like to go for a relaxing drive in the car and will recommend it when we see that the other is having a bad day.

                congratulations on your grandbabies! I’m sure a daily dose of the sweet little ones is very relaxing!

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                  Jen Cueva

                    Hi @colleensteele, your relaxation exercise does sound similar. Do you time it or move while scanning your body?

                    Aidan sounds like Manny. He also uses cycling and the gym to help with anxiety and stress.

                    I love car rides, even if it’s an SBUX run. During the lockdown, car rides were my sanity! Blaring some favorite tunes, windows down, and sunroof open- that’s my jam.

                    Welcome back, my beautiful FWW and friend! You’ve been missed, but we encourage you to take it slow and take as much time as you need to tackle other things on your list. We are here and ready to support you, Cullen, and Aidan however we can.

                    I love you bunches, my kindhearted friend, and here anytime. <3

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