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      Jen Cueva

      It’s a given that we within the PH community need to cancel plans at times. This can be because of our health or our caregivers.

      Recently, several of our forum members have missed out on several planned events. @ripple76 and @traceyaustralianmigration-co-za shared some heartbreaking stories of missing out on important events.

      Recently, my hubby, Manny, has been sick with a horrible respiratory infection. He was tested twice for COVID, the flu and finally got a diagnosis when I requested a chest x-ray. I am happy to say that he is on the mend now.

      , I thought of your important stress reminder all last week and continue this week. Thank you.

      He had cataract surgery scheduled for next week, which he rescheduled for the end of next month. We also have a family trip planned to meet up with “the kiddos” in San Diego at the end of this month for our daughter’s birthday.

      Depending on how things are going with this new COVID variant, we may need to reschedule that, too.

      I know that @colleensteele was looking into possibly canceling her long-awaited trip home to see her folks. Thankfully, she and Aidan started feeling better so they could make this trip.

      We all have to cancel plans at times. But, how do you feel when you need to cancel plans? Do you feel guilty, sad, or frustrated?
      Let’s talk about this.

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      Brett C Scogin

      Learn long ago not to commit to anything as bad as that sounds for families, PH as it progress gives some good days and later on more bad days.   Best not to stress and make oneself worse worrying how you will feel the day of an event and have to cancel.

      I just say I be there if I am up to it.

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