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      I feel like community building really helps to bring people together. It is especially important to build up the community when there are difficult times. Creating community allows people to know that they are not alone and they have others rooting for them. I am so grateful for this PH community for many of these reasons and more. It is the social media community like this that has really opened my eyes up to how caring and genuinely compassionate everyone here is.

      One of the ways that my community has been working on “building community” through this pandemic is, creating community projects (that don’t require touching of course). Something that has helped raise morale and spirits is: 1) decorating doorways or decorating the house with lights 2) participating in “chalk your walk” . Both of these encourage the community to stay home, but also give others something to look at! It is fun to drive around and see people’s Christmas lights out. It’s fun to see the neighbor’s driveway with positive messages and have my nephew write his name for someone to say hi!

      What are you doing to help build community during this time?

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      Jen Cueva

        Hey @brittany-foster, I love this! I have seen the “chalk your walk” over social media. I love that idea for the kids. In our community, I know people are still going outdoors, walking their dogs and waving at the neighbors. There is also a neighborhood pantry going for those who may need specific items that others have. These supplies and food items can be donated. Then they drop off at your door.

        Last week, a local mom of a Girl Scout was trying to sell cookies that they would be responsible for after they banned the booths. She was taking online orders and would deliver to your door. But she also was donating boxes to our local first responders. I bought two boxes to donate. I loved that idea.

        I have seen those who are hanging their Christmas lights in other areas, none yet here that I know of. Has anyone here seen this in your communities?

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        Colleen Steele

          I haven’t seen anyone put up Christmas lights in my neighborhood but I always have lights on my porch. I just change them with the season. This week I will be decorating my porch for Easter and putting up flower lights.

          Something very thoughtful that a friend shared the other day was what a neighbor did for her and her husband. They had a bad week and to cheer them up a neighbor left a tray on their porch with a meal, wine, and two rolls of toilet paper with a flower sticking out of each of them. I just loved that!

          Community is so very important and I am grateful for everyone in our PH Forum/Phamily.

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          @colleensteele I am so grateful for being a part of this community too. It is so special to be able to get online and have conversations and just make use of the technology that we are really blessed to have. Even getting on a video chat a few times a week with my friends and family really help to boost my spirits ! I have been trying to build positive vibes and a sense of community through my Facebook and Instagram videos too. People are really seeming to like them and I get messages that it makes people’d day. Doing that really helps me feel good about myself.

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          Jen Cueva

            @Colleen, please share a pic on social media of your new Easter decorations and lights. I also think that the idea of your neighbor is so touching. I am sure that the receivers were very grateful.

            I agree with you, our PH community and forums are incredible, and I am so grateful to be a part of such an awesome group. I am thinking of each of you.

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            Jen Cueva

              Although the lockdown is over, many keep to themselves with all the viruses going around. When it’s challenging to get out and mingle in person, how are y’all building community?

              Thank you all for being such an integral part of the forums. Of course, we are always here to support you in the PH forums community. It’s always a relief when we can relate to others in this group.

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