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      Colleen Steele

      PH News has a new columnist, @anna-jeter. In her first column she does a captivating job of leading the reader through her medical journey. Even though she was battling PH she still managed to earn a degree in nursing, but right after graduation she was listed for a heart-lung transplant. As you will read in her column, the transplant did not go as well as she obviously hoped and to this day she is dealing with major medical issues because of it.

      I think the most powerful line in her column is when she writes, “It’s not what I expected, but my life remains very full. While I now only use my nursing degree to care for myself, I keep plenty busy.”

      If you are unable to work how do you look on the bright side of this disappointment? Can you relate to what Anna shares in her column?

      Becoming Rare: Welcome to ‘Blooming Hope,’ a New  Column 

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks for sharing Anna’s first column, @colleensteele. I read it yesterday, and she is an amazing writer and warrior. She is also very kind. She just recently joined our columnist team, and she checked on me last week and sent prayers.

      I am fortunate to work part-time and help others. But, it was almost 14 years without working after my PH diagnosis. I did work with advocacy and also enjoyed each day despite not working. I always liked to think of it as I was still working but just in different ways.

      I was active in advocacy back then and also very busy on SM. I also focused on raising my daughter as she was a tween when I was diagnosed. I feel fortunate that I was there for her and contribute that to our close-knit relationship.

      So, for those who do not work, think of what you do in your free time. It may be raising a family, fur babies count, too, or some volunteer. Being at home full-time is a job in itself.

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