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      Colleen Steele

      If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a big weekly win for you. Share with us what went right and tell us about what went wrong. How were you feeling physically and emotionally?

      We had a a white Christmas which was really, really nice. It was a quiet and peaceful day. Taking a risk is what went wrong. The day before Christmas Eve we attended a party with friends we haven’t seen in 2 years. It was in a large decorated work shop and we used as much caution as we could. But we found out someone who was there just came down with Covid. We took Covid tests before we attended. I guess that person didn’t?

      Anyway, that person wasn’t at the party long and were getting ready to leave when we arrived. We really weren’t near them as far as I remember but we will be getting tested to make sure we didn’t catch it. I know, it’s what we get for taking the risk.

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      Jen Cueva

      Oh no, @colleensteele, I hate to hear that someone decided not to be tested before attending a social gathering. But I know it’s not our job to determine why they choose to participate with others and not be tested.

      Despite that, I pray that you and your family test negative. Please do let us all know how that goes.

      This year was quiet but relaxing. Being here in San Diego with the kiddos was certainly our weekly win. Although it was rainy, we did an afternoon walk at the beach on Christmas day once it stopped. I was amazed at the families walking and enjoying the brief break in the rain. It was nice. I enjoyed taking in the sights as many were vacationing with family and in their Christmas Pjs taking pics on the beach.

      Not a white one here unless you count the sand, just wet.

      Usually, I enjoy the midnight candlelight services but haven’t attended the last few years. I did miss that and seeing my parents. But last year, it was only Manny and me as we were recovering from COVID.

      My body is fatigued a bit more than usual because while we had dinner on Christmas Eve, Manny and I made Christmas day snacks. KK and I made a few holiday goodies a few days before Christmas. I am looking forward to a quiet New Year at home. However, we were invited by some of his new colleagues whom we don’t yet know well, we declined.

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      Carol Volckmann

      Oh Colleen, I am so sorry someone was so irresponsible to go to an inside gathering and not be tested!

      It does sound like your interaction with these folks were ever so slight and all will be well – please keep us posted. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

      Like you Jen, we were invited to attend an inside gathering of our neighbors. We had planned to attend but a couple of days prior we decided not to attend – too risky, too many unknowns – we are just not going to let up – no inside gatherings at all except for the few people we know and only if it is the 4 or 6 of us and all have boosters and tested.

      Our Christmas was a white one with 5″ of snow, a quiet one – just us and  Spirit. New Years will also be quiet and we will celebrate at 9PM here (midnight East Coast time).

      Wishing Colleen, Jen and loved ones a bright New Year filled with good news, joy and laughter 🥂❤🌝🌷



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      Jen Cueva

      So true, @cdvol3gmail-com; it is too risky at this time to do any inside gatherings with those we don’t know as well. It’s not only that, but if they invite others, and so on. Because it’s been wet here, most gatherings are moving indoors for New Year’s like Christmas.

      A white Christmas for you, and Colleen brought us a wet one. I’m missing the SD sunshine, but I also know we need the rain. The snow is beautiful to enjoy through some lovely windows in comfy PJs or lounge clothes. I hope and pray that you all in that area stay dry, cozy, and well.

      As I mentioned, Sasha, Manny, and I will ring in the New Year at home. Like you, Carol, we usually use the count down from NYC. I think we started doing that years ago, LOL.

      If I get a little nap earlier in the day, I may make it until midnight for a toast. But, probably will toast with NYC, just in case, hehe.

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I read that the Christmas celebrations have you a bit fatigued. I hope you have been taking it easy these past few days and are recovering.

      We ring in the new year three times every year. New York first to celebrate with my parents, then Wisconsin to celebrate with my in-laws, then Washington. New York is the most meaningful for me and the one I really count.

      the house we went to for the party was at Cullen’s best friend’s parents. They haven’t seen each other in two years and we hoped if everyone followed the rules for attending we would hopefully enjoy ourselves without harm.

      We remain symptom free and I do think we are fine. Scheduling covid tests has been impossible. Places are either booked or closed due to the snow and there is a shortage on home tests (Cullen doesn’t trust the accuracy of those anyway).

      Luckily he has a stress test scheduled for Jan. 11th and needs a covid test beforehand, so he is now scheduled for a Covid test on the 8th.

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      Carol Volckmann

      Sounds like you and Cullen are okay – I hope and pray for you both. How much more it saddens me that the hosts were dear friends whom Cullen hasn’t seen in 2 years. Hopefully sometime soon the two of you could get together safely with just them.

      Like you, we celebrate the new year when the ball drops in Time Square.  If we are awake at midnight WA time we will smile, kiss and wish each other a Happy New Year and go back to sleep.

      I hope you Jen have taken Colleen advice and have rested these last few days and are in your jammies right now all cozy and warm.

      Happy New Year – be well, be safe

      Love and hugs 🤗❤

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @colleensteele, I’m so happy to hear that you and Cullen barely were around these individuals. But, knowing you, both are feeling well, and asymptomatic is even better.

      Like Cullen, I am not too fond of the home tests. I just read here in SD county, they are giving them out at the local libraries. I know that he will feel better after that negative COVID test. He’s such a worry wort but positively. I admire him.

      Yes, I have been “lying lower” than usual these days, @cdvol3gmail-com and Colleen. Manny plans to put up the tree and things later today or tomorrow. Usually, I try and wait until the day after NY, but it’s in my living room, which is smaller, so I don’t mind.

      Too funny, Carol, it sounds like you and Dick celebrate the same as Manny and I, hehe. If we happen to be awake when it turns midnight here, it is a kiss and back to sleep.

      Colleen, do you toast to all 3 New Year’s celebrations? I ordered tamales and hope to make a Cheers toast when the ball drops in NY. If we are awake, not in bed, we may have one more toast at midnight here.

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