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      Colleen Steele

        For those celebrating Christmas, are you shopping in the stores and malls or purchasing gifts on-line?

        Some find the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping part of the fun, but how fun is it when you have PH? When I would take my son to the mall it would start out fun for him but end up exhausting. We would have to stop to rest frequently and often the stores were stuffy and hot, which would exasperate his breathing further. It would take a long time to get from one end of the mall to the other. When his PH worsened we stayed clear of the malls but on good days for him, try smaller places like Target.

        If you do tackle the malls and stores during the holiday, how do you manage it? Do you have tips to share on how to enjoy the shopping experience despite PH symptoms?

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        Hey Colleen,
        All I can say is THANK GOD FOR AMAZON ! LOL I got all of my shopping done online (with the exception of my boyfriend’s gift) It is a big gift for him so it is not something that I would have wanted shipped. He never comes on these forums so I will tell you what it is. I got him a 75 inch flat screen TV !! He will be SOOO EXCITED. definitely winning girlfriend of the year award hahahaha! But that was the only thing that I had to get from the store. But I made arrangements with the store beforehand to have someone meet me outside with it and load it into my car for me. I just called the store and they were so helpful and great about my request. (also helps that I bought a 75 inch TV from them LOL) But online shopping has really made this year of getting gifts a lot easier. I started to do my shopping in November and was done by Black Friday. It was a big stress relief. I remember going from store to store last minute when I was in college and that just never worked out for me. I was just exhausted and my energy was drained on Christmas Eve and by Christmas Day I just didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. Stole the fun right out of it. But this year I am looking forward to enjoying myself because this time last year I was in the hospital.

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        Colleen Steele

          Definitely, girlfriend of the year! Wow! I envy the fact that you have finished your shopping. I’m afraid I haven’t started but like you, I will do most of it on-line. I wish you all the joy this season has to offer!

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          I wish you and your family the same !! I know that each day comes with its own set of challenges but the way you have gotten through so much and are helping others in the process really is the greatest gift. So thankful that you came into our lives this year!

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          Colleen Steele

            Your words mean so much to me! I has been an honor getting to know you and all our wonderful forum members. 2019 turned out to be a good year and this experience has been one of the highlights.

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            Gayle Meagher

              Amazon and Target all the way!! My Mall days are over. I have grown kids and grands so I do quite well with those two. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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              Target (Or I like to call it Tar-jay) is one of the best one stop shops ! You can actually get ANYTHING there now just about! I always shop for my nephew there because it always seems like he is getting a lot when in fact he is just getting a bunch of things that were in the clearance section haha! But I always end up being able to find a little something for everyone there too!

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              Linda Brandt


                Christmas shopping with Covid19 in the way….I’m stuck in my apartment with Chronic Respiratory Failure so I don’t dare go to the big box store across the street I call the Incubator. The matter has been on my mind since summer, and still no safe way to go about it, well, Brittany’s online shopping and finding that tv store that was so helpful.

                My family won’t even hint at what they want which makes shopping for them that much harder. Does anyone else have this problem?
                Brittany you mentioned Target. They are a lifesaver for me….with their Shipt program I can virtually shop for groceries and a few hours later, they are at the lobby with my food. Also, a lady from our dance class calls me and takes my list and a day or two later she’s here with her care package. But, Christmas….??

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                Jen Cueva

                  Hi @hamjam43, Christmas shopping will be that much more complicated this year, for sure! I have recently learned to shop online. At first, I was not too fond of it because I like to touch and feel things, hehe.

                  With COVID, I am learning to love Amazon, Shipt, Instacart, and the store websites are where I will be shopping. This year with so many in my extended family out of work (oil and gas industry), we are not buying gifts for everyone.

                  My Christmas shopping is less each year. The thing that I will miss most is the time together. I will not see my parents or most of my extended family.

                  I am happy to hear about your fast delivery service for groceries. You mention a friend “at dance class” what type of dance class do you do? I would like to hear more about that. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that Christmas is right around the corner. I just shared my column about saying NO to invites and the holidays. If you miss that topic, it is here.

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                  V.R. Peterson

                    I’ll either be shopping from Amazon or sending Amazon gift cards and let the fam pick their own gifts. I haven’t decided which yet.

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                    Jen Cueva

                      Hey, y’all, this is an older post about Christmas shopping. This would be a great place to share my most recent column.

                      “Inexpensive gifts of the heart can help offset medical costs of the year.” You can read more here.
                      This Holiday Season, Share Kindness and Gratitude

                      Do you find you are spending less this holiday season? Let’s talk about this.

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