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      Roger Bliss

      I know of 3 who admit it and tell people to stay away from them. 2 are landscapers who work by themselves outside and the other does locates by himself.

      They tell me they are too busy/broke to stay home. I delivered top soil to one of the covid positive landscapers today. I need him to spot me as there were sprinkler heads all over the place and nearly impossible to see from the truck. We talked over the phone and I told him not to even touch the truck. When we were done I tossed his invoice out the door and the last I saw him he was chasing it across the yard. LOL

      I figure there may be a lot of positive people out there working??? Me being naive would think positive people would stay home. I find out their not……you need to be extra careful out there. I am guessing there are lots out there.


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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @wheeldog, unfortunately, this happens more often than we would hope. It makes sense that they would stay home if they knowingly had symptoms or COVOD positive. But…

      I love how you reacted to this guy, LOL.

      This is an excellent topic, and I know that many will share their thoughts.

      My husband is a diesel tech and is considered an essential worker. We think that is where we caught COVID. The workers and often the drivers aren’t always precautious. My husband knew of a few guys with symptoms at work and would not go home. Because he is also in management, he did get some home, eventually.

      When we both testest positive, he had been at work every day, and that is it. I was not leaving the house yet. We were not even seeing our daughter for the longest time.

      Thank you for bringing this topic up. I think others lack respect for others. I realize that some say they need money, there are many options to help, but I am not in their shoes, so it is tough to know their thoughts.

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      Mendo Bruce

      This REALLY emphasizes why vaccination is so important. While the vaccinations are less effective against infection from the Delta variant (40-60% effective depending on the study) they are still VERY EFFECTIVE against severe symptomatic disease. They are 90% effective against hospitalization or death from the delta variant.

      Even for those with co-morbidities, most of the vaccinated who become infected have no symptoms or very mild symptoms.

      It’s crazy to me that people think a vaccine that millions of people have taken safely will kill them, but a virus that has killed millions of people won’t!

      Hospitals are currently overcrowded, filled with unvaccinated patients (10-1 over vaccinated) desperately ill from Covid but you know what?…
      There isn’t a single hospital filled with patients suffering from the vaccine’s effects.

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      Colleen Steele

      @wheeldog excellent topic! This did happen where my son works. Someone went to work sick and people caught it. Fortunately it happened to be the week my son had off but his best friend caught it, even though he was vaccinated. But as @mendo-bruce points out, my son’s friend still caught it but his symptoms were so mild – just a sore throat. I believe it’s because he was vaccinated that he didn’t get as sick.

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      Jen Cueva

      Yes, @mendo-bruce, you make a strong point that vaccination is key. I am vaccinated. I did read your question about my column about Post-COVID symptoms. THat was last year when we did not have a vaccine available yet, unfortunately. Thanks so much for reading, and I responded to you there, too.

      My medical team says that my body cannot handle another COVID case like that, and I was grateful when they decided it was time for me to be vaccinated.

      As @colleensteele shares an example, vaccinated people may still catch COVID, but it is often a much lighter case.

      I do respect those who cannot get vaccinated because of other underlying health concerns. These people must do what is best for them.

      In your area, are most vaccinated? Here in Texas, it is pretty low, sadly, as @kelli-paige mentions in another post.

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        Mendo Bruce

        My County has 79% with at least one shot but only 68% fully vaccinated. It is a little lower in my particular rural part of the county.

        I am breathing so poorly these days that I rarely go out. I also find it impossible to walk while wearing a mask. Fortunately a mask isn’t needed outdoors, but indoors I must use a store supplied scooter while wearing a mask in the stores, and a wheelchair (with someone to push me) in the hospital or doctors offices where masks are required.

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          Jen Cueva

          HI @mendo-bruce, I am sorry to hear that your breathing has worsened. Like Colleen, that worries me.

          What is your PH team saying? Do they have any suggestions, or maybe a treatment can be increased or added? Have you had any testing recently that may have offer answers?

          Wow, 79% is pretty good, considering that here in Texas, it is much lower.

          Take care, my PHriend. Please keep us updated.

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      Colleen Steele

      @mendo-bruce I’m worried about you. What does your doctor say about your breathing struggles worsening?

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        Mendo Bruce

        They say that I am getting all the treatments available. My Palliative care team has suggested I start Hospice but I’m not seeing what advantage Hospice can offer and I see a few minor disadvantages, so for now anyway, I’m just dealing with it.

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          Colleen Steele

          @mendo-bruce that sounds like a lot to go through without help. If I may ask, what are your biggest concerns about hospice? Have you considered a 2nd opinion at another clinic? Would that be an option?

          I’m so sorry you are struggling to this extent. If we can offer you support and advice based on experience, please just ask. We are here to help as best we can.

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          Jen Cueva

          Hi @mendo-bruce, I am sorry that you feel that way. I worked for hospice/palliative care for years before PH. I do know that accepting that it is time for palliative care is often a struggle for many. Also, there is much misinformation about both of these areas.

          Are there disadvantages that you mention having others come to your home or traveling to yet another clinic?

          I believe that @ripple76 has palliative care and a few others. Maybe he can offer some feedback.

          My main concern is that you are struggling right now. As Colleen mentions, a second opinion would be another idea. Thoughts?

          We are here to support you as you figure out the best plan for you. There is no right or wrong answer; we want you to feel the best possible.

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      Randolph Reynolds


      I sent mendo bruce the message that would not post here.

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        Jen Cueva

        OK, thanks, @ripple76; I apologize; I thought you had sent it to me. @mendo-bruce, let us know if you do not see Randy’s private message about palliative care.

        Randy, again, I am sorry about the posting issues you are having. Please let me know how I can help you. Email me if you need to. I am happy to try and figure out what is going on or post for you.

        Take care, and I hope your breathing has improved after finding the issue with your tubing last week.

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