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      Jen Cueva

      Here in Texas, we have had the Saharan dust blowing through. This makes me sneeze, cough, have a runny nose and at times struggle more with breathing.

      My poor nose is sore from wiping it.

      My hubby, Manny, who does not have PH but has horrible allergies, is struggling, too. Of course, I suggest he use a Neti Pot or sinus rinse.

      Are y’all fans of the neti pot or sinus rinses?

      Is anyone else noticing allergies or an increase in shortness of breath related to this dust? What have you found helpful?

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I’m not a fan but can’t say I’ve given it a chance either. Never tried it much to my husband’s aggravation. He believes the nasal flushes help tremendously.

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        Jen Cueva

        LOL, @colleensteele, I am more prone to suggest Manny or Kayla use it. Like you, I am not a fan, and I will break down and get my own if this keeps up.

        I will keep you posted hehe.

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      Sally Hoffman

      Hi Jen and Colleen, So glad to see you back.  We don’t struggle with Saharan Dust, but we do have red tide.  UGH!!

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @mainegal, thank you so much for the welcome; it’s always great to be back with y’all.

        Galveston beach is also known to have a red tide. I did not even think of that. How are you doing this week otherwise?

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      Susi Steppins

      Hello all.

      , so glad to see you back.

      I am not struggling from the Saharan Dust, but I live outside of Denver and the smoke from all of the fires has been terrible.

      I have only been outside of my house 1 day in the last 10 days.

      I was sorry I went out when I did.

      I can hardly catch my breath, especially when I am outside.

      I understand what it feels like.

      I am not sure what the Sarahan Dust is, but it doesn’t sound pleasant.


      Hope it gets better for you.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @s-steppins, oh yes, my daughter Kayla is a bit outside of Denver, and that smoke sounds horrible. Thankfully she is healthy. But that smoke blowing from those wildfires must make it difficult for you.

        Wow, one day outside in 10, but it sounds like it is best for anyone with breathing issues.

        Here is a little bit of information about the Saharan dust for those who are unfamiliar with it.

        No matter where we live, there is always something that comes along to affect our breathing.

        Take care, and hopefully, the fires and smoke will soon clear. How long did you tell me that you’ve lived in Denver?

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          Susi Steppins

          @jenc I have lived in the Denver area since 2008.

          I love it here.

          I am originally from California and have lived in Houston, Bucks County Pa., Las Vegas and now here.

          This is where we have decided to stay.

          I have been very fortunate in that both of my children have moved here and we are all very close.

          I do miss the beach some but the truth is when I lived there I did not go very often.

          My parents lived in Laguna Beach overlooking the ocean when I was younger and I took that for granted.

          The things we learn as life goes by. 🙂

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          Jen Cueva

          Hi @s-steppins, I know that you mentioned that you lived in Houston at one time. It is my least favorite place so far, hehe.

          I lived in California for a long time but was born in Alabama. My mom and stepfather worked for oil and gas, so we moved often.

          Laguna, aww, I know, I moss SoCal so much, but it is so expensive and crowded now when we visit. I lived in Newport part of my high school and, like you, took it for granted.

          I love that your kids live near you. It’s so tough having my daughter so far away. But she travels often and says she has to see us at least every 3 months, hehe.

          We learn as we grow, so true.

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      Aunt Lizzie

      Saharan Dust?  That’s a new one on me. Here in Australia we certainly have our dust storms, but it’s our own dust (LOL) from the outback.  Red and gritty.  And bushfires? Well we have our share of those too.  18 months ago when we had absolutely devastating bushfires I tried to buy an air filter for in the house – one could not be had for love nor money, but since then I have bought a serious one at great expense, which is made in Australia and has a German motor and I just love it.  It has 3 filters incl a HEPA and works wonderfully, but even with all windows and doors shut the finest dust still coats  my furniture and books.  Otherwise, I just stay inside – which is not too difficult with our present  lockdown for COVID.  Sorry, sorry, was not going to use that word.

      Glad to see you back Jen – keep safe.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @auntlizzie, I cannot imagine being in lockdown again because of another wave and variant of COVID. Sadly, so many areas are already seeing this, and I look for more locations to lockdown.

        I can only imagine how expensive that filter must be. We use a higher-cost HEPA filter with our house AC. My hubby, Manny, has terrible galleries. So with the two of us, we need them.

        I have been praying that this all clears up soon for everyone around the world. It has been a long few years, hasn’t it?

        Lizzie, I shared a link in my response to @s-steppins above about the Saharan dust.

        Thanks for your kind welcome message. I am grateful to be back with y’all. Despite the lockdown and all, how are you doing?

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      Carol King

      In the Panhandle of Texas we have dust, our own or from NM. This year we are blessed with moisture, rain and high humidity. Last year when the smoke came in and I got out to town I began to have breathing problems. I have COPD, non smoker, with the PH. I believe it affected the COPD. It is beginning to tell on me again or is it the stress? It is had to know the difference, but staying inside is best for me. We do use the neti pot if the sinus area is dripping.
      Not sure what Saharan Dust is.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @carol-king, yes, I can imagine the dust you are having is part of our getting. Here is a link with that information.

        With wildfires and this extra dust blowing in, I bet you wish you were leaving town. Is that an option for you this time? If so, where would you go? Maybe we can all go? Hehe

        It seems despite our locations, most of us are experiencing an increase in breathing difficulties. So, on top of stress, I would guess that we are mostly affected by a combination of reasons.

        What things do you find helpful when you are feeling stressed? I start my day off with my morning devotional and my gratitude journal. I must say this morning, a doctor’s office called and I answered in the middle, so not very helpful with destressing, LOL

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      Sally Hoffman

      I Jen,  I am doing okay.  The latest PAH event is working on trying to get Genetic Testing.  Does anyone know the exact name of the PAH Panel that covers around 21 or 23 genes.  There is a possibility that I have the Heritable form of PAH, but the seven genes that were covered in a cardiac panel that I took were negative.  We are now looking for a rarer gene.  Have any of our group done this?


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